Thursday, January 05, 2006

With This Kiss I Claim Thee Woman as Mine, Mine, Mine!

Maybe it’s just me? But I’ve noticed a lot of “Kiss Claiming” going on. To give you an example of “Kiss Claiming” let me offer you an example. When you are talking to someone of the opposite sex and their significant other comes in out of nowhere and makes a point to kiss them. Then while they apply the kiss, they give you that look like you are a G6 away from sinking their battleship. That's a classic example of "Kiss Claiming." Which is usually such a shitty move even the kissee rolls their eyes. Perhaps this baffles me because I’m as threatening as a kitten in mittens. I don’t even hit on single women. What makes you think I’m going to make a move on someone in a relationship? Are you really that insecure to be threatened by the likes of someone whose family still questions his sexual orientation? If anything, your possessive move is giving me the upper hand. Now I just have to throw in little barbs about trust and possessiveness through that door you just opened for me. So calm down and show a little confidence. No matter how better looking that guy is who’s talking to your girlfriend/wife just play it cool. Show a little trust not only in her but yourself as a person.


faith said...

People who do this possessive thing (I've seen women do it too) usually have some serious control issues. It's really unfortunate, I've dated a few controlling men, and they all did the kiss thing, or put their arm around me and said "how's my girl" in the middle of a conversation I was having with someone. (then tried to make the conversation about them) It's their insecurity for sure.

bobby said...


The Diva said...

I am SO glad Shawn doesn't do this. I once had a boyfriend who was so jealous that every time he saw another guy even look sideways at me he might as well have come over and peed in a circle around me.