Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Music Snobfest 2005

It’s that time again where I bestow upon you what you should've listened to in 2005. I’ve been working on a “best of” for movies, but it’s been a struggle. The reason is that I just haven’t been thrilled with the movies that were released this year. It appears I'm not the only one. Also, I’m a little behind on a few that are apparent must-sees. Once I catch up on things perhaps a 2005 movie post will arise. The lack of a movie post means I get/need to stretch out Snobfest 2005 into multiple posts. So sit back and enjoy or lambaste Music Snobfest 2005.

Classic Song of 2005:

The Spinners: Rubberband Man

Those who know me are aware that I have a penchant for R&B. I’m not exactly where it comes from. Perhaps it’s from struggling on the streets of downtown Columbus, or simply because I wish I had an ounce of soul. This love of R&B extends into my Afghan Whigs fanboyishness and my dabbling into old school hip-hop. This year one band stood out among the others I purchased in order to build up my R&B catalogue. It’s the the Spinners. Their list include such brilliant classics as, It’s a Shame, Could it be I’m Falling in Love, Ghetto Child, and Living A Little, Laughing a Little. All of these could’ve easily been my Retro Song of 2005 if not for Rubberband Man. I never clicked next on my iPod all year when this song came on. I credit the bass intro as being the hook the grooves my soul.

Honorable Mentions: Queen: Don’t Stop Me Now, The Outfield: Your Love, Nice & Smooth, Sometimes I Rhyme Slow, Neil Diamond: Forever in Blue Jeans, The Ramones: Howling at the Moon.

Guilty Musical Pleasure of 2005:

Amerie: 1 Thing

I came across this song during one my sleepless nights where I flip through all my music video channels. My first impression was, “Wow. That’s an attractive woman.” Then I heard the beat and that single guitar chord. I was hooked. I still find myself getting that song stuck in my head. This song is all about that beat.

Musical Hatred of 2005:

The Black Eyed Peas

The term “sellout” is constantly thrown about at artists. Sometimes the term fits and sometimes the term is simply used by annoying fanboys when their band reaches the mainstream. The Black Eyed Peas though emphatically sold out. Their first album wasn’t that bad. They came out during the influx of LA underground rap acts like Jurassic 5, Blackalicious, and Dilated Peoples in the early 2000’s. They weren’t as good as the other groups but they had promise. After their second album failed to become a hit they then proceeded to “sellout.” They added a female singer and ripped off numerous bands along the way. I though I had reached my pinnacle of hate when their song was used during the NBA playoffs. Sadly, I was wrong. “My Humps” is easily the worst song of 2005, and I would even question it actually being a song. Please Black Eyed Peas, go away!

Constant Disappointment of 2005


How I used to love these guys. I still think Pinkerton is one of the greatest albums of the 90’s. Maybe that’s my problem. Pinkerton is obviously the least popular album in its discography. It did though basically create the “emo” niche. I was rather excited when the green album came out. My excitement was quickly downgraded to disappointment.
Every album after that has brought me to near dislike. Don’t even get me started on “We Are All on Drugs” vs. “We Are All in Love” thing either.

That’s all for now. Tomorrow we will start hitting the good stuff.


MOL Junior said...

i liked weezer's 2005 offering. other than pinkerton, their stuff seems to stay consistent. don't hear any differences between what they're doing now vs the green album.

bobby said...

Bright Eyed Peas would be the best combo band to spark my utterest of indifference.

april said...

there are people who DON'T have a penchant for r+b?! i can't imagine. i hoped we all had SOME soul.
maybe there's a site out there somewhere...

Bradford said...

First of all. I'd like to officially welcome April. Unfortunately there are those that don't enjoy the R & the B. I blame them for the state our world is in today.