Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Side Note:

Due to the Death Pool Draft and the half hour it took me to find a parking space, I got home a little late. I had to park farther away than I normally do. Waking up a little late this morning, I was in a bit of a rush. I walked the few blocks to where my car was parked. One problem. My car wasn’t there. What was there was a sign indicating that on Jan. 25th your car would be towed if it was parked here by order of the LBC Police. Aw shit! I saw the sign on the other side of the street last night, but I didn’t see this one. Cursing myself, I dialed the number listed on the sign to find out where my car was towed. A nice enough lady for her job answered the phone. I pleaded my case. She looked up my car’s information. Another problem. She didn’t have it listed anywhere in the system. I explained that I parked here last night and now my car is gone. It had to have been towed…or stolen? Nah. Nobody would steal my old ass car. She checked again. No records of my car or any car being towed on that block. I began to get a little frustrated. Surely, this was goof on their part. They had to have towed it. Pacing down the block, I glanced up to see a pick-up truck pull out. Sure enough there was my car a block further down. I’m such a moron. I apologized to the lady on the phone. She laughed and suggested that I cut back on the booze. I said I don’t drink. She laughed again. No really. Click. I shuffled to my car, and went to work.

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faith said...

oh my!

Though, last week I went shopping with my friend Kev and both of us are really absent minded, and we both forgot where we had parked and ended up walking all over the parking lot trying to find the was crazy!