Thursday, January 26, 2006

You Can Write Only One Song

What if everyone had one good song in them? You couldn’t really sing or play for most of your life, but for one instant you could put down 3 minutes of musical joy. What would it be? Would you write something that would be used in commercials or stadiums for years to come? Those residuals would come in handy. Perhaps a great love song, or something that would shine a light on the travesties of the world? I’m sure you have good idea what my choice would be. If you thought I’d come up with something along the lines of the Afghan Whigs, you’d be wrong. Those who have really paid attention have probably decided it would be some funky R&B jam with blaring horns. You know what? You too are wrong. I would want to just write a happy pop-rock song like the one below. Ti doesn't have to be a huge hit. It just needs a good hook with handclaps and simply make the listen smile. Causing the listener to tap their foot would be a nice bonus. That’s what I’d write for my only song. But an old school R&B song is awfully tempting.

The Cryers-Shake it Up (Ain't it Time)


Keymaster said...

that song made me happy. I've been sick yet again and I needed a happy song to cheer me up. Good on you.

Bradford said...

I'm glad the song helped. Isn't this 4 times in two months you've gotten sick? That's a bad run.

Keymaster said...

Yes it is and it's really putting a cramp in my style. Sick is out - healthy for my party is in. It's time to get well.