Monday, January 02, 2006

Christmas Break Recap (Pt. 2)

Dec. 27th:

I had a lot of plans for this day. None of it happened. I planned on going to the German Village, but I had to babysit. Then I had to wait to pick up my brother in law and stepfather at the movie theater. While I was waiting, one of the nephews, Alex, cracked his head open when he fell of a chair. Being somewhat knowledgeable of the area, I was summoned to be the driver. We drove to the theater so Jennie could pull her father out of the movie to look at her son's head. So, both her husband and father missed the end of King Kong. By the time we got back, it was too late for the 7 o’clock showing of Munich. I then aimed for the 10:35 showing, but was once again stuck babysitting while one kid got his head stitched up, and everyone else was running last minute errands. I’m pushing reset and trying again tomorrow.

Dec. 28th:

I wake up to 60 degree weather on my birthday. See, even God gives birthday presents. We went to Schmidt’s Sausage Haus for my birthday. Man, their Bahama Mamas are outstanding. Then we hung around and dropped by the stepfamily’s second get together. To cap off the day we saw Munich which was half and hour too long and lacking in emotional involvement.

Dec. 29th:

With my Dad back in town from visiting “Bob Jonesville,” I drove out to see his new house. He said it was a ways outside of Columbus, but I thought he was perhaps exaggerating a little. After driving for an hour I realized I was wrong. It’s a cozy little place where he can plant his trees and have his garden. Basically he finally got his “cabin” in the woods. Still not a fan of the drive.

Dec. 30th:

Went back to my father’s place to have the Iten Christmas dinner with my brother and his family. We had the usual duck. Evie was feeling better, so she was running at full steam. The nieces played with legos, and I got to show my lego mastery in building. It takes years and years of practice. It’s not easy fitting big wheels on a boat.

Dec. 31st:

Anne Marie left to visit her boyfriend in California, so for a day it was simply Mandy and me. Tomorrow Ben K. and Julie were getting back into town. That meant rebuilding the house from the utter destruction left by the rest of the family. Mandy and I rang in the New Year as we watched Dick Clark in HD. I don't know if that's a pro or con. The first thing they cut to after the ball dropping was Clark kissing his wife. Not exactly the first thing I want to see in 2006.

Jan. 1st:

What better way to celebrate the New Year than more cleaning? With half an hour to spare I finally got the house presentable. Picked up Ben K. and Julie from the airport, and we had our own little Christmas exchange. I think I quickly rose up the favorite brother-in-law with getting Julie the deep fryer.

Jan. 2nd:
For Christmas my stepbrother, Sam, received a PSP. Finally I have someone to play online with. Unfortunately, he lives in London. So he called the other day because he wanted to play online. Apparently, his train from Ireland to London has wifi. So, I woke up early to play videogames. Yes I need help. Problem was that this train didn’t have wifi. I woke up for nothing. Except that right when I was about to fall back asleep, I hear the phrase, “Xbox 360!” Whispered through my door. Sure enough I walk down and Ben K. is unpacking an Xbox 360. That morning he had gone into Target to pick up some jeans for his wife. Stopping by the electronics department he sees that they had just gotten in some of the systems that morning. What are the chances? Of course the day before I was telling him that he probably won’t be able to pick one up till Feb., unless he really wanted to search for one. He just walks in the next day and buys one. So we played it till the Ohio State vs. Notre Dame game. It’s nice to be able to watch some Buckeye football with the family. Watching it in HD makes it even better. Watching it while eating fries and chicken wings freshly fried in my Christmas gift to Julie makes it the best.

The Buckeyes proved once again that speed kills, and that they clearly underperformed this year. I will say that being a Buckeye fan is a different experience of fandom from being a Cubs fan. The Buckeyes are consistently decent particularly since Tressel arrived. Still being a Cubs fan spills over and I always expect the worse. Then the Buckeyes prove my fears wrong. I can’t tell you how conflicted I was when they one the National title in 2002. I was truly lost.

Jan. 3rd:

I fly home today.

It’s been a pretty good Christmas. Thanks to Ben K. and Julie for putting me up...again. Some day I’ll make it up to you. I can’t wait till you add to the niece/nephew count next year. Once again this Christmas proves my family rules. Kayla and I bonded as well.

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