Friday, January 06, 2006


I know I said we'd get into the good stuff of Snobfest 2005, but I had a little detour. My sister, Anne, was in town visiting her boyfriend. She came down to see the set. I think her boyfriend was more impressed then she was. I then introduced her to the brilliance of an In N Out burger. Seeing her off, I then discovered I had a flat. Which wouldn't have been a problem because I bought a spare after it was stolen from my car. The problem was I didn't think to buy a new jack. Luckily Megan and Eric were nearby and helped out. By the time I got home (after hunting for a parking space for half an hour) I was too burned out. So, later on today or tonight I'll finish it. I know you are all extremely dissapointed. Try to make it through today if you can.

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