Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What Does It Mean When George Kennedy Appears in Your Dream?

Actually, how about we forget I asked?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Physical Therapy and Complications

So I'm back from Santa Fe. At this point I could write about a lot of things. I could write about the trip, but Mandy and Ben K. have already done a fine job with that. I will mention one thing that they haven't: Body Odor. Apparently, every fifth person in that town only bathes once a month. It was like clockwork how often you would be just walking and get that pungent whiff of rotten eggs sitting in dirty socks. Damn hippies. Also, did you know that around Montezuma's castle there a squirrels that carry the bubonic plague. I didn't either, but there were signs every where warning Mandy and me of that fact. How is this not a statewide health concern? Why hasn't a movie been made about a squirrel fleeing the area and infecting people all across the US. Couldn't you see Bruce Willis yelling, "I don't care what you say sir! I'm finding that damn squirrel!" Cut to an extreme close up of the squirrels eye. In the reflection you can see children on swings. Practically writes itself. I could also do a recap of the American Idol finale, but we all knew Jordin would win. I guess I could have ranted on how the producers fixed this thing so she would win. I could go on about the ridiculous awards that were given out to the odd people that tried out...OK I will. Why did those people even show up to accept the award? Here is a national show that is giving out an award to contestants that made them laugh because they were deemed freaks, and you gladly accept the award? Are they that hard up to be famous? I could also write a little about the big finales of Lost and Heroes. But, some people are waiting a couple years to start watching it. I could write about baseball, but someone *COUGH* anne marie *COUGH* hates that I write about baseball. So, I'm going to write about the physical therapy that I have been attending. Some of this will be rehash for those who were in Santa Fe.

So I've been to the physical therapist three times so far for a twice a week for six weeks stint. To help with my back and hip, they show me some exercises, put the massaging electrodes on for a while, and then give me a hand massage. What's great is that it helps, and basically my insurance is paying for me to get a massage twice a week. The problem is that the doctor I was assigned to and two of the assistants range from cute to quite attractive. This leads to a few awkward moments. The obvious one is having one of the women massage my left buttock. Is it relaxing? Yes. Does it feel good? Yes. Is it still weird having a strange woman massaging my bare butt cheek while asking how my day is going? Hell yes. The other problem is the exercises. Today for example the doctor had me do ten pelvic curls. This means she sat there and just watched me do ten pelvic curls. It clearly feels like something I should be doing in the privacy of my own home. But it gets worse than that. She then had one her assistants show me a couple other exercises. One of them being the bridge which is basically a pelvic thrust while lying down. Apparently, that assistant is a little new to the game, so the other assistant came to help I guess. I now had two women watching me do the pelvic thrust for two sets of ten repetitions. Then the newer assistant asked what plans I had for the memorial day weekend. This had me thinking either she is just asking to make small talk to cover the awkward circumstance, or she's so used to working on old blubbery people that anyone slightly fit meets her criteria, or she liked how I did the pelvic thrust. This then got me thinking of how great it would be to date a physical therapist. Free professional massages! That puts that profession right up there with chef and billion dollar empire heiress for me. Too bad I don't like people touching me.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

You Suck America!

There's no reason you should have sent Bobblehead home. You are all morons.

Happy Birthday Ben I!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

American Idol Recap (Triple Threat Edition)

I'll be honest. I'm done with this. I was thinking of excuses to stop doing these, but I'm not a quitter. I will see this to the end.

So tonight is all about the number three. Three contestants left and they will each sing three songs. One the judges will pick, another the producers will pick, and finally the contestants themselves will pick one. This is clearly retaliation for CCM's ridiculous song selections. The people in charge are tired of this, and need to have control so Jordin can win.

Speaking of Jordin, she is up first singing-Wait. Jordin was apparently in Arizona, and the mayor reads a fax from Simon with the he wants her to sing. I bet that took three takes at the least. Oh the song is Wishing on a Star. Simon didn't like the arrangement. This whole gimmick is wheels off. I would like to point out that the one judge who has the most influence was selected to pick for Jordin. Just thought I'd point that out.

Oh so I guess they each went to their home town and the mayor for each town gives them the song that the judges picked. Paula picked Roxanne by the Police for CCM. How many people think Paula really chose the song? Yeah that's what I thought. How is this a good singer's song? Maybe Paula did pick it? Anyway it got the same reaction as Jordin's song.

Time for Bobblehead to be given her song selection from the Governor of Tennessee. Randy has chosen I Believe in You and Me by Whitney "This is what happens when you do crack" Houston. Randy says he chose it to challenge Bobblehead. I say he chose it to get a residual check. So the judges think Bobblehead won the first round. I agree.

At this point, why don't they just have each contestant sing a whole song? Isn't that a good enough test instead of this chopped up two minute versions?

So the producer's choice for Jordin is Donna Summer's She Works Hard for the Money. This song is about hookers right? It's about not beating on the whore you just hired. All the judges liked this performance.

CCM once again with the producer's choice of Maroon 5 with This Love. Which is such an obvious selection that I'm surprised he hasn't sung it before. I guess at this point I can admit that I watched American Dreamz starring Hugh Grant and Mandy Moore the other not on cable. The only excuse I have is that it was in HD. Anyway, Jordin reminds me of the Mandy Moore character that I've come to now dislike Jordin even more. Is it fair? No. But I'm not longer buying into her cuteness. I think she's faking it. I would also like to give Seacrest props for his name dropping. It's much more subtle than Randy's. Randy just goes ahead and says he worked on this song or with this artist. Seacrest simply introduces CCM singing Adam and the gang's song... See just by saying the lead singer's first name he's indicated he and the band are tight. Don't under estimate Seacrest. He's slick. Everyone liked this one too.

Bobblehead wraps up the producer's selection round. Ike and Tina Turner's Nutbush City Limits. What? I understand picking a Tina Turner song. How about a song that people actually know? They are so trying to tank Bobblehead. Jordin gets one of the biggest disco songs of all time. CCM gets a top ten song released in this decade. Bobblehead gets Nutbush City Limits? She still nails it. The judges call it a tie this round. Randy though was leaning toward Bobblehead.

Jordin's personal selection is I Who Have Nothing. Man I love this song. Oh look Jordin has a star in the mall where she had her first job. By star I mean a piece of plastic that wouldn't survive a day in a mall. Why doesn't the band dress up? They all look like they have day jobs as night nurses. This is the number one show in a America and you let them dress like slobs? I don't get this Simon and his problem with people singing old songs. A good song is a good song. Jordin shows a little bit of her nasty side commenting on Simon's pick.

CCM ends his night with Robin Thicke's When I Get You Alone. Ah Sir Mix-A-Lot is rapping with CCM beatboxing. It will take a good few days to get that out of my dreams. Everyone liked it. Simon liked it the most out of the judges.

Bobblehead wraps up the night with I'm a Woman. They show Bobblehead is getting a street named after her. I think that sign is already in the trash. Out of all the contestants Bobblehead is the only one that could pull off this song. Simon says he'd put her in the final two. I'd just give it to her now. But we've all known this for the last month which is why I'm tired of this.

Tomorrow I predict that in a big surprise Jordin is going home.

My Life as a Tottenham Supporter: Year One

Sunday marked the last match in the Spurs season and my first year as a Spurs fan. So how did it go? Surprisingly well. It's a little odd becoming a fan of a new team for a sport that really isn't heavily covered in your country. I knew the rules of soccer going in, but I still had to learn the league. You have to learn the fan culture of the game from hated rivals to what is viewed as good and dirty play. You have to learn the referees and how they call a match. It's more of an undertaking than I even thought it would be. Still, I think I'm getting there.

The season itself was an up and down affair. It began with an awful start, with Spurs winning only one of their first six Premiership matches. A month later Spurs beat last years champions Chelsea in one of the matches of the year. Despite that huge win and others, there were some tough losses to Newcastle, Reading and Sheffield United. The main problem this season was giving up goals on set pieces, and letting teams back into matches. Once strikers Keane and Berbatov became comfortable with each other we had no problem putting the ball in the net in often spectacular fashion. It was the lapses on defense that turned wins into draws and draws into losses. Part of that problem was injuries like team captain, Ledley King being out much of the season. It still shouldn't be an excuse. There were too many times a man was unmarked or pressure wasn't applied allowing too easy of goals. Sure this all makes for exciting soccer but it's not the enjoyable kind of excitement. It's nervously hoping your relief pitcher doesn't blow it in the ninth kind of excitement.

Spurs still had a successful season. The ended fifth in the league which puts them back into the UEFA next season. They didn't match the point total of last season, but they are still the best of the rest. Progress has been evident. We have two outstanding strikers in Berbatov and Keane. Though there is concern that one of the richer teams will buy Berbatov which would be devastating. Young players like Lennon, Jenas and Huddlestone showed progress. Dawson has shown to be the iron man on the team playing in all but one of the matches this season. It seems we are just missing two or three pieces in order to contend with the big four teams.

So, it's been a hell of a first season, and I find myself disappointed that it is over. I'm already anticipating next year.

A couple other side notes. I find it irritating that I only got to see maybe a third of Tottenham's season on TV. I realize soccer is never going to be big in the US, but I can't imagine that an EPL site wouldn't make some money over here. If SkySports or someone did a pay-per-view like the MLB or NFL package it would do reasonably well I think. Obviously, they wouldn't be able to show all the games live, but they could air all the matches that day. I would pay for that, especially if the games were in HD.

Because of the lack of games I could watch, I've relied on the simple but well done EPL Review show. What's great is that they expand the highlights to more than just the goals. They give you the importance of the match and what each team is looking for in this match. It's also not just the player kicking in the goal, but the development of the play.

I know it would be impossible to implement this into any of the big sports in America. But the fact that the EPL sends the last three teams in the league down to the lower league adds some great drama to the league. Take this Sunday where three teams were fighting to stay alive in the league. Those two teams that survived celebrated like they had won the championship. Also add in the side story of one of the surviving teams making it because they weren't docked points for illegally signing a player and it just ratchets up the drama. Especially when the deciding goal was scored by that illegal signing.

It has been interesting watching a player like Berbatov comes to the team as new player and watch him win over the fans. He's scary cool how he plays. He's that guy that seems to just stand around, and you know he's going to do something but you don't know. Then he gets the ball, and you're just wow.

I tried to find a youtube clip of Spurs goals, but all them were early poorly edited or had placed horrendous music under it. I found this one that is a little better edited. The song is cheesy but at least it's familiar and not awful. Also, it's only Berbatov goals, but there are some great ones in there.

Finally, some time in my life I have to go to White Heart Lane to see a match. Just so I can sit in the stands and sing Di-mi-tar Ber-ba-tov. That is if he's still there.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

For Those That Were Concerned...

28 Weeks Later is as good and in some ways better than 28 Days Later. You perhaps might have been concerned that with a new director and new writer that the sequel would blow. You wouldn't be the only one. I had those same concerns, and after seeing the movie last night I can say confidently that you can put those concerns aside.

Like Dawn of the Dead did for Night of the Living Dead, 28 Weeks Later does for 28 Days Later. 28 Weeks later the Rage virus that wiped out most of England has been eliminated. NATO forces have set up a cordoned off area of London to begin rebuilding and repopulating. Of course it all goes horribly wrong. We then follow a small group of people trying to survive not only the horrors of the infected but the military's method to ensure the infection is contained. As with 28 Days, the horror isn't always from the monster's pursuit but from the humans. 28 Weeks Later is relentless with some truly terrifying set pieces. It's not for everyone, but it will be the best horror movie you see this year. Some might not like the final shot, but I enjoyed it. Here's hoping there is a final movie to conclude the trilogy. I guess that would make it 28 months later?

Friday, May 11, 2007

Some TV Questions

Are we ever going to learn what Ma Petrelli's power is on Heroes? With Peter and Nathan both having abilities doesn't she then must have superpowers too? I mean other than being a super cold hearted bitch.

That leads to asking when are Nathan Petrelli's kids going to show their abilities?

Is Heroes partially responsible for Lost's recent turn around?

In case you haven't heard, they have actually set when the series Lost will end its run. Not a question, but I've been preaching that serial shows should have been doing this for years. Isn't it better to have five solid years of show that knows where it end and begins rather than a meandering six to seven seasons where they are forced to end it because of crappy ratings? There's the question.

Shouldn't CTU rethink their network security and its employees when their computer system is hacked twice in one day?

Also, why doesn't CTU move to a different location after being bombed, gassed, and invaded over the years?

Why would Tim Daly's character in Sopranos ever let a drunk Christopher into his apartment? Every time you let a sober Christopher in he'd either threaten to or actually beat the crap out of you. Now you let him in drunk?

How great is it that Ronnie is getting more face time on The Shield? I also love that they kept the stove top scars on his face.

Why do all the Rescue Me promos have Denis Leary fighting with himself when last season's cliff hanger was that he might have died in a fire? Another example of why making the audience question if the show's star is dead or not is the dumbest cliff hanger in TV.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Music Videos of My Youth

Spiderman 3 (The Titan Review)

Finally got around to seeing Spiderman 3 Monday night, and since Jiff requested a review that is what he'll get. I'm all about pleasing my readers and giving them what they want. Sometimes you might not think you want it, but later on you'll thank me. Also, there are perhaps some spoilers in this, but I'm pretty sure none of them should be a surprise if you've seen the trailers or are familiar with the Spiderman story. Still, if you want to play it safe...

I imagine Spiderman 3 is a lot like dating three girls at the same time. All three girls are great, but because there are a limited numbers of hours in a day you can't spend as much time as you want with either of them. In Spiderman 3 there are three great villains but even in the near three hour running time there isn't enough time to spend with all of them. Sandman, Venom, and Harry/New Goblin are all characters that deserve their own movie. Cramming all three in a movie along with Peter Parker and MJ's romance troubles hasn't led to simply a lack of development but a bad script. At first we have Sandman an escaped convict that Peter learns is the person that actually killed his uncle. Sandman's daughter is used to show his sympathetic motivation, but then we never see her again. The movie then completely tosses aside his motivation to get to the final battle. Which is a shame because the birth of Sandman is fantastic along with a his first battle with Spiderman. A whole movie with just the Sandman would've resulted in a good movie about Peter learning the difference between being a vigilante and a superhero, and the difficulty of learning to handle the gray areas of life. Then we have Venom, the alien symbiote that melds with Peter Parker. Out of this merger Peter Parker gets a swanky new black Spiderman suit, enhanced abilities, and a more agressive nature. Because of the symbiote Peter Parker becomes more of a vigilante than a superhero. Besides a decent scene between Sandman and Spiderman, the symbiote's influence is revealed through a Saturday Night Fever montage and a dance number. Sigh. I did though like that when Peter Parker wore the symbiote suit he had an emo haircut. There is nothing that screams "I'm evil" like an emo haircut. Once we finally have the symbiote merge with Brock and then become Venom, the audience is simply then rushed to the finale. If the movie was simply about the sybiote's influence on Peter and the creation of Venom, then you have a whole movie on power corrupting and the poison of jealousy. It seems a waste to have a villain that knows everything about Spiderman and limit him to just the final battle. They could've done so much more on the symbiote's connection to Peter and the hatred it has for being tossed aside by Peter. Finally the whole Harry/New Goblin arc is a mess and completely mishandled. I can't too much into it without becoming spoiler heavy, but the final character turn for Harry in the movie is eye rollingly ridiculous. This whole mess lies in the fact that there is no singular theme to this movie. The first Spiderman was Peter Parker realizing the responsibility he has with his new powers. Spiderman 2 was Peter Parker accepting the life he has to live because of that responsibility. I don't what it is for Spiderman 3. There are two or three it might be, but there shouldn't be that question.

Now after trashing this movie let me still say I had fun watching it. There is still the enjoyment of watching the spectacle of Spiderman. The fight scenes are a blast. As I said before the creation of Sandman is probably my favorite scene in the movie. Once, Venom shows up you wish there was more. It's just not well written or constructed. It also doesn't help that Spiderman 2 is probably the perfect superhero movie.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

American Idol Recap

Tonight is Barry Gibb night. Yes, I feel there should be an Indian Barry Gibb on Barry Gibb night. So it's all Barry Gibb songs which means Bee Gees and I'm assuming songs he's written or produced for other artists.

Before we get to Barry Gibb, I'd like to discuss an observation I made at the tail end of last weeks elimination episode. As I predicted, The Other Chris and Midnight Oil got the boot. The funny thing is that while The Other Chris was singing his farewell song, the camera cut to Jordin and the following events occurred. Jordin is smiling and watching The Other Chris sing. Jordin notices the camera is on her. Jordin immediately breaks out into tears. I marked Jordin off my list and am now fully behind Bobblehead. It perhaps seems a little cruel, but come on. Don't ever fake cry. I don't need to feel that you loved every other contestant on the show. Don't try to manipulate us. It completely irritated me, and caused me to jump from her bandwagon. Now back to Barry Gibb night.

Wow, Barry Gibb has got to shave. This is American Idol! Class it up a little Barry Gibb.

Bobblehead's first song is "Love You Inside and Out." At this point I would normally be concerned about with her doing falsetto, but she seems to always nail it. If she can pull of Bon Jovi, she can do anything. She does fine, but I think we are at the point where even though she is clearly a better singer than everyone else, we expect every performance to be knock your sox off good.

CCM is up with "You Should Be Dancing." He needs to go. I don't know why they keep giving him props for this. Randy thought the beat boxing didn't work. Paula says "Nobody, can do what he can do." Finally, they all trash him deservedly so.

Big Momma is up with the classic "Staying Alive." Man, everyone is sort of struggling with these songs. I think it's that these are dance songs. They all try to slow these songs down.

Jordin will be performing "To Love Somebody." Jordin has done the best so far tonight. Why is that? Because she did a ballad.

So that's it for tonight. I'm guessing it will be either- Oh wait. They are singing a second song. Hmm. Maybe next week I'll just plagarize someone else's recap. I'm getting burnt out on this. We all know it's going to be between Bobblehead and Jordin, so can't we kick them all off tonight?

Bobblehead's second song is "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?" I think Bobblehead has picked the wrong songs this week. This does nothing for her. It doesn't show her off. It was better than the first song, but still...

CCM's second song is the less known "This Is Where I Came In." Stop this stupid beat boxing! This is the result of everyone loving that Bon Jovi butchering. Wrong song choice. This is a boring song. There's a reason it wasn't a hit. Simon agrees with me.

Judge Judy tries to take over the show.

Big Momma is going with the ballad "Run To Me." Everyone ends on the ballad.

Jordin closes it out with "Woman In Love." Jordin wusses out and does another ballad. It wasn't the best. They are really rushing the whole show. You'd think that they would finally figure out how to run this show by now.

So that's it. Another boring night. CCM or Big Momma will be going home tomorrow night.

Time to go see how much more of Griffith Park has burned. It can't be good when you can see the fire all the way from my apartment.

Monday, May 07, 2007

So Why Do I Hate It When CCM Does His Thing With Bon Jovi, But I Love This:

It's probably because Petra Haden is genius and CCM is far from genius. Maybe it's the difference of motivation behind the songs. Maybe it's just better. I'm not a fan of the spoken word segments, but the small inclusion of Wilson Phillips and the guitar solo make up for it.

Friday, May 04, 2007

For Jaime On This Spiderman 3 Weekend

Those special effects are fantastic!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Some Questions

Have you seen Hot Fuzz yet?

Have you picked up Dinosaur Jr.'s new album Beyond? I was hesitant simply because it's basically a reunion album with Lou Barlow (Sebadoh, Folk Implosion) returning to the fold. It's no You're Living All Over Me, but it's really good. I still think J. Mascis is criminally ignored.

My follow up questions is: Why hasn't a Dinosaur Jr. song made it on any of the Guitar Hero games? I'd be happy playing the licks of "Feel the Pain."

How is it possible that the Cubs have scored 127 runs so far this season, have allowed their opponents to score only 98, and yet they are 12-14 and 5 1/2 games out of first place? That's a run differential of +29! Only the Mets and Red Sox have a better run differential. I hope this is simply and indicator that the Cubs have just had a little bad luck this month, and not that they are simply awful.

How am I going to make it another two weeks with just me and the boss in the office?

Remember when you used to be able to actually find deals on things worthwhile on ebay?

Why do I always scratch that itch?

When are they going to invent the machine that creates what my brain conceives? That way I could by pass my lack of talent and create exactly what I see in my head.

What happened to the MOL Nation?

If birds suddenly appeared every time I was near, wouldn't the girl actually be really creeped out or think I was in desperate need of a bath?

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

American Idol Recap (I've Written a Thousand Posts and I've Rocked About a Thrid of Them Edition)

Can I tell you how excited I am about tonight? I know I'm setting myself up for a big disappointment but this night could save this crappy season for me. Bon Jovi tonight on American Idol! Listen kids, there was a time back in 80's when you couldn't escape the music of Bon Jovi. It was everywhere. Back when MTV played music videos every fifth video would be Bon Jovi. I remember when we moved back to Ohio I'd take my portable black and white TV up to my room and watch Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer" video. I of course wore headphones because of the household band on rock n roll. Having just come out of Bob Jones this was the most rebellious thing I did. I know it's not cool to admit this, but I love me some old school Bon Jovi. I think the pinnacle of their career was their acoustic performance of "Wanted Dead or Alive" on the 1989 MTV Video Music Awards. Anyway, tonight Jon Bon Jovi is the contestants coach. I think the ladies are going to have a difficult time tonight. And two, count them, two contestants will be sent home tonight. With only six left aren't we at the point though that the guys just start getting voted off. None of the guys are even close to as good as the girls. I also hope that first of all only Bon Jovi songs between the years 1983 and 1989 are used. I really hope one of the contestants sing "Runaway." Tonight should wash out any bad taste that last weeks debacle had left.

Introductions are made. Voted off contestants are shown in the audience. How is that pleasurable for them? Kids everywhere are giggling at Jon Bon Jovi flying through the air and that hair. Trust me it was cool back in the day.

Just like the last few coaches Mr. Bon Jovi emphasizes making the song your own and telling the story of the song. I would like to point out that the ladies have been the only ones apparently listening to this advice.

Midnight Oil starts off the night with "Blaze of Glory" from the Young Guns 2 soundtrack. Suhweet. I would like to point seeing this movie with my father was one of the most uncomfortable moments of my childhood. Wanting to see the movie, I felt so guilty when the woman walks into the bar naked and they show her naked backside. I turned three shades of red. I'm betting Phil does well with this. I actually agree with Randy for once. He did do a Steve Perry version of the song. I don't thinking it was as bad as Simon is making it out to be. I don't think it will keep him around, but I think it makes it close.

Poor Gina. This would've been right up her alley.

Jordin let me tell you a little something. When meeting a rock star don't say "Oh my Mom is going to flip out. She got me into ya'll." There's nothing a rock star likes more than feeling like their audience is now all made up of Moms. Also, it makes me feel old. Jordin will be singing the classic "Living on a Prayer." Hmm. I don't know if she can do this. It seems a little flat. None of these singers can pull of that gravel voiced touch Kon Bon Jovi has. It wasn't her best performance. I think she could've picked a better song. I still think she's safe. She's too adorable. And she has the American Idol producers pulling for her.

Big Momma is up next. Seacrest asks Big Momma if she wants to sit down for the viewer's question segment. She say "No, I want the camera to get my slim side." She had what a whole to plan to say something and this is what she comes up with? I appreciate the pride in her being a big sexy woman, but we all know those jeans are the reason you ain't taking a seat. She will be singing "This Ain't A Love Song." Way to crush my first hope and singing a song from 1995. You know I'm going to give Jordin more props to sticking to the rock n roll even if it was outside her comfort zone. I feel Big Momma is cheating by taking a slow song and turning it R&B. Boo! Boo! Boo! More Rock! Boo! I'd like to point out that it seems to take Big Momma awhile to get going when she sings. She never starts off well, but always ends up strong.

Shit! CCM is apparently screwing around with the classic "You Give Love a Bad Name." This night is going completely down hill for me. How can he do this to "You Give Love a Bad Name?" It's your song Jon! Stop him! For the sake of us all! Stop him! He didn't stop him. Good grief kill me now. Don't give him credit for that shit! I hate you people. Stop encouraging this crap. This whole night is ruined for me. Sigh.

The Other Chris is up. I'm supposed to rely on this guy to save the night for me? He is doing "Wanted Dead or Alive," but his voice drives me up the wall. I was kind of hoping Bobblehead would've done this with her big voice. How do you not know the line "I've seen a million faces and I've rocked them all." It's THE LINE in the song! That's the part every Bon Jovi fan waits for in this song. Well, I liked it better than CCM's butchering.

Really just kill me now. Bobblehead is closing with "Have a Nice Day." Come on! There's Runaway, Never Say Good Bye, Lay Your Hands on Me, Bad Medicine, Born to Be My Baby, and you choose Have a Nice Day? We are closing out Bon Jovi night with Have a Nice Day? Sigh. At least it is a rock song, and she isn't screwing with it. She's Tina Turnering it out. I'm not a fan of the - Holy shit! Emily Procter is there! Man she's adorable and sweet and sexy. I've worked five years on this show and I still turn into that 14 year old trying to talk to the hottest girl in school. I do nothing but babble incoherently. Anyway, Bobblehead did well as she always does. She did actually rock it out the most of all the contestants.

So, two go home tomorrow. Poor Jordin stumbled the most tonight, and I hope it doesn't hurt her. Last week's travesty should help with that. I think Phil and The Other Chris go home tomorrow. CCM, though, should be taken out back and shot.