Tuesday, May 08, 2007

American Idol Recap

Tonight is Barry Gibb night. Yes, I feel there should be an Indian Barry Gibb on Barry Gibb night. So it's all Barry Gibb songs which means Bee Gees and I'm assuming songs he's written or produced for other artists.

Before we get to Barry Gibb, I'd like to discuss an observation I made at the tail end of last weeks elimination episode. As I predicted, The Other Chris and Midnight Oil got the boot. The funny thing is that while The Other Chris was singing his farewell song, the camera cut to Jordin and the following events occurred. Jordin is smiling and watching The Other Chris sing. Jordin notices the camera is on her. Jordin immediately breaks out into tears. I marked Jordin off my list and am now fully behind Bobblehead. It perhaps seems a little cruel, but come on. Don't ever fake cry. I don't need to feel that you loved every other contestant on the show. Don't try to manipulate us. It completely irritated me, and caused me to jump from her bandwagon. Now back to Barry Gibb night.

Wow, Barry Gibb has got to shave. This is American Idol! Class it up a little Barry Gibb.

Bobblehead's first song is "Love You Inside and Out." At this point I would normally be concerned about with her doing falsetto, but she seems to always nail it. If she can pull of Bon Jovi, she can do anything. She does fine, but I think we are at the point where even though she is clearly a better singer than everyone else, we expect every performance to be knock your sox off good.

CCM is up with "You Should Be Dancing." He needs to go. I don't know why they keep giving him props for this. Randy thought the beat boxing didn't work. Paula says "Nobody, can do what he can do." Finally, they all trash him deservedly so.

Big Momma is up with the classic "Staying Alive." Man, everyone is sort of struggling with these songs. I think it's that these are dance songs. They all try to slow these songs down.

Jordin will be performing "To Love Somebody." Jordin has done the best so far tonight. Why is that? Because she did a ballad.

So that's it for tonight. I'm guessing it will be either- Oh wait. They are singing a second song. Hmm. Maybe next week I'll just plagarize someone else's recap. I'm getting burnt out on this. We all know it's going to be between Bobblehead and Jordin, so can't we kick them all off tonight?

Bobblehead's second song is "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?" I think Bobblehead has picked the wrong songs this week. This does nothing for her. It doesn't show her off. It was better than the first song, but still...

CCM's second song is the less known "This Is Where I Came In." Stop this stupid beat boxing! This is the result of everyone loving that Bon Jovi butchering. Wrong song choice. This is a boring song. There's a reason it wasn't a hit. Simon agrees with me.

Judge Judy tries to take over the show.

Big Momma is going with the ballad "Run To Me." Everyone ends on the ballad.

Jordin closes it out with "Woman In Love." Jordin wusses out and does another ballad. It wasn't the best. They are really rushing the whole show. You'd think that they would finally figure out how to run this show by now.

So that's it. Another boring night. CCM or Big Momma will be going home tomorrow night.

Time to go see how much more of Griffith Park has burned. It can't be good when you can see the fire all the way from my apartment.

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Mandy said...

We had a fire, too! Only it was across the river, in Canada. The wind was insane all day, which is I guess where the danger comes in.