Friday, May 11, 2007

Some TV Questions

Are we ever going to learn what Ma Petrelli's power is on Heroes? With Peter and Nathan both having abilities doesn't she then must have superpowers too? I mean other than being a super cold hearted bitch.

That leads to asking when are Nathan Petrelli's kids going to show their abilities?

Is Heroes partially responsible for Lost's recent turn around?

In case you haven't heard, they have actually set when the series Lost will end its run. Not a question, but I've been preaching that serial shows should have been doing this for years. Isn't it better to have five solid years of show that knows where it end and begins rather than a meandering six to seven seasons where they are forced to end it because of crappy ratings? There's the question.

Shouldn't CTU rethink their network security and its employees when their computer system is hacked twice in one day?

Also, why doesn't CTU move to a different location after being bombed, gassed, and invaded over the years?

Why would Tim Daly's character in Sopranos ever let a drunk Christopher into his apartment? Every time you let a sober Christopher in he'd either threaten to or actually beat the crap out of you. Now you let him in drunk?

How great is it that Ronnie is getting more face time on The Shield? I also love that they kept the stove top scars on his face.

Why do all the Rescue Me promos have Denis Leary fighting with himself when last season's cliff hanger was that he might have died in a fire? Another example of why making the audience question if the show's star is dead or not is the dumbest cliff hanger in TV.


faith said...

What I want to know is why (at least in Canada) is there only relity TV playing over the makes me sad...only crap all day is enough to make me read more.

Jaime said...

I don't know why but I love Ma Petrelli. I just know she's gonna have a kick-ass power. I think it would be funny if the crippled wife also had a power--like walking.

I was amused to see CTU security guards being slaughtered once again. They're the red shirts of the 24 world. But I actually (I am so embarrassed to say this) let out a scream when Milo got shot. Pathetic, I know. But at least the Nadia love triangle has been settled--that is if she and Ricky live. I'd prefer if they didn't.

And my question is--when are they finally going to reveal that Jack's nephew is actually his son?

thefamousgrouse said...

I am with you on the Lost turnaround. I believe, without a doubt, that Heroes is the heat pushing Lost off its arse and forcing it to finally go somewhere. (Not that we have any clue where that 'where' is...)