Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ramblings (The Nothing Edition)

Good grief. My life has become increasingly boring since my wisdom teeth were removed. I've been tempted to put myself purposely into awkward situations just so I could have something to write about. You would think with all this boringness that I would've at least accomplished something. Well...I beat Crackdown...and that's about it. Bob and I played the fantastic multiplayer which consisted of us simply blowing the shit out of things with rocket launchers. You would think that would get boring quick, but it lasted probably a combined 6 maybe 7 hours over the weekend. And I still went back to the game last night just to see how many criminals I could get in one area to blow up. Man, I need help.

One of the many problems that arise when I find myself overwhelmed with boredom is that I find myself filling that time in pointless ways. For example, I found myself spending over an hour at ancestry.com looking up Iten. Here are some random facts I've discovered about Itens:
(All this information is taken from US Federal Census, so take it all with a big grain of salt)

In 1840 there was only one Iten family and they lived in Indiana.

1853 was the year that the most Itens immigrated to the US with 15. 1854 was a close second with 14. 1866 came in third with 9.

In 1880 the Iten occupations broke down like this:
Farmers - 43%
Carpenter - 14%
Plasterer, Keeps House, Boarding House, Blacksmith - 7%

Also in 1880, Minnesota had the largest population of Itens. This seems to be the state that most Itens immigrated to.

11 Itens served in the Civil War, and they all fought for the Union.

Most of the Iten immigrants (40) originated from Switzerland.

19 Itens departed Europe from La Havre, France.

I was slightly tempted to buy a year subscription to ancestry.com which leads to another problem I have when boredom sets in: I start buying pointless things.

Late last week at Target I went to pick up a couple necessities like toilet paper. I left with said toilet paper, and a green Ireland T-shirt, a cookie sheet, and a pair of shorts. Shorts! I wear shorts maybe one day a year. I don't need shorts. I don't need a cookie sheet either. Yet, I somehow thought I would perhaps someday need to bake cookies. I have a completely rational explanation for the Ireland T-shirt. You see, on St. Patrick's day last year I got a lot of flak from co-workers for only wearing drab green pants. They didn't think it counted as a real green. This made me realize I didn't really have an green in my wardrobe. Over the past year I have since bought a green sweater, a shirt with green checks, and now a green Ireland T-shirt. Actually, yesterday I just bought a green Cubs baseball cap with a clover on the back. I'm so going to show my co-workers this St. Patrick's day which of course falls on a Saturday this year. Doh!

If there is one thing we all should have taken away from the Oscars, it is that Helen Mirren is really hot. I'm not joking. She's beautiful.

I have 30 lbs of therapeutic dead sea bathing salts under my bathroom sink.

I'm so hoping Sony's upcoming a/v receivers with hdmi capabilities end up performing well. Ranging from $200 to $500 dollars depending on the model, it's absolutely in my budget's wheelhouse.

A couple of friends are had an American Idol fantasy draft. I never saw the finalists perform, so I was choosing blindly. I ended up with:

Stephanie Edwards who seems to be my best bet.
Gina Glocksen who is a long, long, long shot.
Amy Krebs who was already booted.

I just ask that I don't come in last.

Maybe I should just adopt a kid so I could have more things to blog about. That's a good reason isn't it. I'd adopt a boy and name him The Devastator. Dev for short. Just think of the blog posts:
"Dev's First Word: Pepsi"
"I'll Be Damned If Dev Isn't Going To Be A Left Handed Pitcher"
"Dev's Got First Head Shot Kill In Halo 2 Today"
"Dev Has Fully Realized The Pain Of Being a Cubs Fan."
"Dev: Chick Magnet!"
"I Guess I Need To Shorten That Leash For Dev When I Got To Work."
"Why Are All Dev's Cousins Scared Of Him?"

Well that's it for this post. I need to go buy something.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

All Done!

This is the point where all you who have had bad wisdom teeth extraction experiences begin to hate me a little. I'm pretty much good to go right now. The day of the surgery I was in pain till I woke up from my nap. Then I started eating and all that was left was a dull little ache. I can't believe a spent money on Vicodin that I didn't need. Yesterday, I played it safe and stayed home. I bought Crackdown and played that for a few hours. So, there was nothing really to write about. I can kind of remember bobby picking up after the surgery, but it's all in little bits and pieces. It's like trying to remember a dream, but someone was actually there. I do owe a big thanks to Megan for dropping me off and bobby for picking me up. I was disappointed that I didn't get to enjoy the laughing gas. They hooked me up, and I kept inhaling deeply to get the buzz before the pricked me with the anesthesia. No such luck. The second they stuck the needle in me I was out. I apologize that nothing really happened that warrants blogging about. I apologize to all those who suffered for days eating mushy things and looking like a chipmunk.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Update: President's Day Edition

Dear readers you have probably noticed that the last couple weeks have resulted in some simple and brief posts. The problem is that the my normal writing period for blog posts has been spent going to the doctor for my physical and blood work and the dentist. The good is that my doc says my cholesterol and all that other stuff is all at excellent levels. Now if you've seen how and what I've eaten the last 35 years you would be as amazed as I was. In fact I believe I've just discovered my super power. The bad news is my teeth. This Monday I have to have the last three of my wisdom teeth removed. I assume you are probably wondering why it's taken till now to have them removed. Well, after seeing what Sam and friends of mine have gone through when they had their wisdom teeth removed, I decided to wait...and wait...and wait. I get the flop sweat just walking past a dentist office. Now I decide to ruin my three day weekend by having them removed now. Do you see the sacrifice I make for work? I could have scheduled it during a work day. I could have not been a moron.

My preparations for the blessed day has involved me stocking soup and purchasing Viva Pinata for the 360. My plan is to be drugged up enough that I will really really enjoy the psychedelic colors and bizarre animation. I also plan to attempt to blog while I'm drugged up. So, you have that to look forward to. Till then enjoy the rest of your President's Day weekend. I know I won't. What am I complaining about? While half the country is freezing their asses off I went to the beach in 83 degree weather. Yeah, life is good.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Crackdown is actually like crack...not that I know first hand what crack is like, but I hear things.

A couple weeks ago I downloaded the demo for the video game Crackdown. Upon first playing it I was entertained and thought it would be a solid rental game once released. Funny thing happened though. I can't stop playing the damn demo.

importantly jump. Jumping is what this game is all about. Yes the game is a sandbox game in the style of GTA, but in this game you can go up once you increase your jumping ability enough. Soon you don't even bother with driving your car because the fun is jumping balcony to balcony, and rooftop to water tower. I soon found myself not concerning myself withThe premise is you are a rookie supercop in a crime ridden near future Pacific City. Your job is to rid the city of three different gangs. Being a rookie aren't very super at being a supercop. To increase your abilities orbs are placed throughout the city for you to collect. Collecting an orb increases your ability to shoot, fight, drive, swim, throw, run, and most the gang members, but figuring out how to get to the top of one building to the other. There really is nothing like jumping from one skyscraper to another while shooting bad guys while you fly through the air. The thrill is similar to the Hulk: Ultimate Destruction game.

Added bonuses I'm looking forward to in the final game released next week is more weapons, throwing cars around like rag dolls, and co-op online. I only wish the co-op was more than two players. Could you imagine a game where six or seven of your friends can run around a city being supercops? Yeah, I need to get out more often.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Temptation Be Gone

After a rough first half of the week capped with a highly frustrating Tuesday, I went to Best Buy to buy a movie. Frustrating days are often days where I end up making irrational purchases. The first thing I see as I walk in the door is four Playstation 3's sitting in front of a table along with various games and other accessories. I immediately asked the guy I'll call the "door regulator" if this was just a tease or if they actually had them in stock. He said that they had actually just gotten them in this morning. I spent the next hour walking around Best Buy contemplating my actually purchasing the device. I had the cash. I could buy one plus a game and an extra controller. It wasn't till my second time through the car stereo department that I determined it would be foolish. I picked up half of my originally intended purchase. Evidence of more self control. You will eventually be mine PS3. It's just not going to happen till you have two or three worthwhile exclusive games, and Resistance Fall of Man doesn't cut it right now.

Monday, February 12, 2007

I'm Hating My Boss Right Now

And it's not for the normal reasons someone would hater their boss. The reason I hate my boss is because last week she came in with the flu. Which normally wouldn't be a problem because I rarely actually come in contact with her. The problem came when she brought in all three of her kids who were sick as well. Children that don't know to cover their mouth or how to sneeze and not get it on everything. So at that count we had four sick people at work for about half a week. Then you add the two nannies who if not sick were surely carrying on them whatever the kids and my boss had. So, we had six carriers of said flu virus. Six! Only one of them works here. You know where I'm going with this. I'm sick. I know hate is strong word, but I'm really not happy now. Thanks for ruining my weekend boss.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

I Admit It...

I've gone a little geeky over Heroes. Ok, I've gone real geeky over Heroes. I've found myself reading the online comic books. I've gone to the Primatech Paper Co. website (I so want a Primatech cap) and found the helix and the hero files. Heck, I've even done a couple of the text messages to Hana. I like being able to submerse myself a little more into a show. The snippets of back story in the comics, the interaction with the text messages and the website all enhance my enjoyment of the show. My one problem is that they haven't taken this interaction far enough. On the heroes website there's a link Dr. Suresh's map of suspected heroes. It's pretty lame. Why hasn't this been implemented into Google Earth? Some of the text messages could include the longitude and latitude of suspected heroic events which could then be mapped on Google Earth. They should also have a website that resembles something like America's Most Wanted only it deals with heroes. Fake newspaper clippings of possible heroic activity could be posted. My point is they could do a lot more. If they need somebody to help them write stuff up, I think I know someone who would gladly do it for a price...a cheap price.

Also, Lost was pretty good last night. Still think you people should give Friday Night Lights a chance. People complain about the quality of TV, and yet they ignore well written and acted shows like this. If it doesn't get renewed next season I'm blaming a lot of you.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Tuesday night I went to The Village Idiot on Melrose to celebrate Lisa becoming a staff writer on the brilliant television show "The Shield." That is the coolest Hollywood sounding thing I'll do all year.

Here are some movies I'm looking forward to this upcoming year (at least the first half of it.)

Sunshine: With Shallow Grave, Trainspotting, 28 Days Later, and Millions, Danny Boyle has become a director I'll see whatever he makes. Why are you mentioning The Beach, and A Life Less Ordinary? I've never heard of them. They don't exist in my mind. Moving on.

Grindhouse: At least I'm interested in the Tarantino half in which Kurt Russel plays a killer named Stuntman Mike. The image of Rose McGowan with a assault rifle for a leg intrigues me, but I have no faith in Rodriguez. I like the idea that different directors were brought in to shoot the trailers that will be spread out between the two movies. Being a fan of a lot of exploitation film, this seems to be up my alley. Yet, I'm still only cautiously optimistic.

Black Book: Yes, I'm looking forward to a Paul Verhoeven film. Yes, this is the same guy who gave us Basic Instinct, Hollow Man, Starship Troopers, and Showgirls. He also gave us RoboCop and Total Recall which can be a plus or a minus in your book. This time though Verhoeven when back to the Netherlands to get this film made. The very good word of mouth has me interested in this World War II epic. I also like to see these once credible directors leave the American system and find creative rebirth. Yes, I'm looking at you Mr. John Woo.

Hot Fuzz: The creators of Shaun of the Dead and Spaced are making an action movie comedy with references to Point Break and Bad Boys? Really, you still aren't interested? Have you not seen Shaun of the Dead or Spaced? Hmm. I don't know if we can hang out anymore.

Spiderman 3: I know he doesn't get the "black suit" like he does in the comic book, but Black Suit! Black Suit! Black Suit!

28 Weeks Later: I feel confident Danny Boyle wouldn't hand over the reigns to a boob that would destroy the nice feelings I had about 28 Days Later.

Knocked Up: I'm putting my money on this becoming the underrated comedy that will do all right in the theaters but word of mouth will lead it to making a lot of money on DVD. I have faith in Judd Apatow. I still miss Freaks and Geeks.

Here are two I'm hesitant on, but might see if I get off work early or am really, really bored.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The only thing that intrigues me about this is that the animation style resembles the comic book when it first came out. That's how I used to draw them when I made my own mini-comic books.

Fido: It's the story of boy trying to keep his pet zombie safe after it eats the neighbors. I know I had you at "pet zombie." It could be creatively funny, or enjoyably bad like Monster Squad, or it could be just an awful kids movie.

I recently found out Nova Scotian band Sloan released a new album called Never Hear the End of It. I kind of gave up on them after their last two albums and the following greatest hits CD. Still wanting to give them a chance, I took a listen, and it's their best album since their classic One Chord to Another. Don't be overwhelmed when you see the track list stops at 30. Many of the songs are simply songs that bridge two other songs. Even at 30 tracks it still holds together really well and doesn't lag. All four members are song writers and they all get a chance to shine on this album. This is that album that bands make where they shake everything up by taking everything they've learned and not holding back. Sloan has taken their influences of Brit Invasion, Beach Boys, 70's AM gold, power pop and compiled it all into an opus of an album. This I hope is their resurgence. My question to Mandy is Sloan must be rock gods on your campus right? Hometown boys done good?

Did you think the same thing when I heard about the story of the astronaut going to kill her rival? She so has an alien inside her. I bet the astronauts that went up with her are going to start going crazy too.

I know none of you will believe this but I'm actually getting kind of fat. Wait. It might just be my mirror. Nope. For the first time in my life I'm putting on weight.

For Those Who Have Already Seen Project Grizzly:

He's back:

If you haven't seen Project Grizzly, I highly suggest renting it.

Friday, February 02, 2007

My Apologies to Ledley King

Dear Mr. King,

I apologize. I had no idea how far my curse went. If I had, I would've never bought a replica of your shirt. My heart was in the right place. You are my favorite Tottenham Hotspurs player, so I thought it only proper. I thought nothing of it when you missed a few weeks at the beginning of the season. Then you were out recently for a month with a foot ailment, and Spurs have yet to win a match in your absence. Now word comes that you have had a set back, and will now be out another six to eight weeks. I realize now my mistake, and apologize profusely.


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Just To Let You Know...

If you haven't already been beaten into the ground about this band through music blogs, you most likely will be by every indie music nerd you know. The Broken West will probably become one of those bands that people will be telling you to buy. They even come from the supposed next (?) music scene of Echo Park/Silver Lake. Well, they are actually right about this one. A little bit of Big Star, a little bit of Wilco circa A.M., and little bit of Teenage Fanclub, these guys have created a twang dusted power-pop gem of an album. No twee indie rock here. It's simply big guitar hooks, hand claps, piano, and harmonies. A perfect album to help pass those winter days till spring comes. Then you will still be listening it through spring and on into summer.

The Broken West