Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Temptation Be Gone

After a rough first half of the week capped with a highly frustrating Tuesday, I went to Best Buy to buy a movie. Frustrating days are often days where I end up making irrational purchases. The first thing I see as I walk in the door is four Playstation 3's sitting in front of a table along with various games and other accessories. I immediately asked the guy I'll call the "door regulator" if this was just a tease or if they actually had them in stock. He said that they had actually just gotten them in this morning. I spent the next hour walking around Best Buy contemplating my actually purchasing the device. I had the cash. I could buy one plus a game and an extra controller. It wasn't till my second time through the car stereo department that I determined it would be foolish. I picked up half of my originally intended purchase. Evidence of more self control. You will eventually be mine PS3. It's just not going to happen till you have two or three worthwhile exclusive games, and Resistance Fall of Man doesn't cut it right now.


Mandy said...

During our Valentine's Day dinner last night, some of the conversation went like this.

Tim--Wait, so Brad has...a PSP, a DS Lite, and an XBox360?

Mandy-- Yeah...I don't know if he has a PS2 or not. But I'm pretty certain he doesn't have the PS3. I don't think it has enough games out that tempt him.

Man I'm good! I didn't know about the PS2, though. I figured that odds were in my favor that you have it.

thefamousgrouse said...

There has been a consistent supply of PS3s since early January in Columbus. Is LA still having a shortage?