Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Crackdown is actually like crack...not that I know first hand what crack is like, but I hear things.

A couple weeks ago I downloaded the demo for the video game Crackdown. Upon first playing it I was entertained and thought it would be a solid rental game once released. Funny thing happened though. I can't stop playing the damn demo.

importantly jump. Jumping is what this game is all about. Yes the game is a sandbox game in the style of GTA, but in this game you can go up once you increase your jumping ability enough. Soon you don't even bother with driving your car because the fun is jumping balcony to balcony, and rooftop to water tower. I soon found myself not concerning myself withThe premise is you are a rookie supercop in a crime ridden near future Pacific City. Your job is to rid the city of three different gangs. Being a rookie aren't very super at being a supercop. To increase your abilities orbs are placed throughout the city for you to collect. Collecting an orb increases your ability to shoot, fight, drive, swim, throw, run, and most the gang members, but figuring out how to get to the top of one building to the other. There really is nothing like jumping from one skyscraper to another while shooting bad guys while you fly through the air. The thrill is similar to the Hulk: Ultimate Destruction game.

Added bonuses I'm looking forward to in the final game released next week is more weapons, throwing cars around like rag dolls, and co-op online. I only wish the co-op was more than two players. Could you imagine a game where six or seven of your friends can run around a city being supercops? Yeah, I need to get out more often.

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