Monday, February 12, 2007

I'm Hating My Boss Right Now

And it's not for the normal reasons someone would hater their boss. The reason I hate my boss is because last week she came in with the flu. Which normally wouldn't be a problem because I rarely actually come in contact with her. The problem came when she brought in all three of her kids who were sick as well. Children that don't know to cover their mouth or how to sneeze and not get it on everything. So at that count we had four sick people at work for about half a week. Then you add the two nannies who if not sick were surely carrying on them whatever the kids and my boss had. So, we had six carriers of said flu virus. Six! Only one of them works here. You know where I'm going with this. I'm sick. I know hate is strong word, but I'm really not happy now. Thanks for ruining my weekend boss.


bobby said...

I'll be sure to forward this to her.

P.S. I'm not sick. What gives?

Mandy said...

Your boss in general has not come across as the most sensitive person to other people's ...need for non-annoyance. If that makes sense.