Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy 2008 Baseball Season!

Welcome to FUKUDOME!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Like I Said Before...

American Idol hates black people. Chikezie was wrongly kicked off even though he had a good and was one of the most charismatic contestants. Chikezie made you smile, and he had range in his voice. Way to screw up again America. You booted off the Bobble Head last year and now Chikezie. I will miss you Chikezie. Also I'd like to apologize to Teen Beat (maybe). I would like to give Archuleta the benefit of the doubt and think his song choice was intentional comedy. Perhaps he was simply indicating his love for the movie Hot Rod.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

American Idol Recap

Cruella is gone! That means people still seem to like Headlights or her at least her personalities even though The Bitch tried to steal some of those votes last week with her plunging neckline. So, we are down to our top ten as Seacrest tries to tell us with an serious tone in his voice. Of course this is all nullified by him not even hiding the fact that he is reading a teleprompter. Really? We are at season seven and you still need a teleprompter to tell you what to say? On that note. On with the show...

No mention of a theme or anything? Must be potluck night.

Short Round kicks off the night with "Hearts Alone." The theme for the intro video segment must be what you were like growing up. Apparently, Short Round bit a lot of kids as a child. Couldn't come up with something else to divulge to a national TV audience? Short Round needs to step it up tonight. She has near zero stage presence. Randy says wrong song choice. She was a little pitchy, and just not memorable. Simon doesn't think it is as bad as Randy does. Apparently, she is sick. I still think she sticks around, but not for long.

Stoner follows after the break. Ah, apparently you have to sing a song from your birth year which is scraping the barrel on theme nights. Also, this might have been something the audience should know a little earlier. It's Stoner's birthday tonight so I guess...ah I don't care. Stoner will be singing Sting's "Fragile." So, how many songs are titled Fragile? He's back to doing the coffee shop guitar thing. I guess he learned from last week. Anyway, it's just like every other one of his performances. Randy is waiting for that jump out vocal performance that makes him go wow. Do any of us expect a wow vocal performance from him. Simon wasn't impressed either. Simon lays into him.

The Bitch is next. She admits that she was pretty much a baby growing up. Really? You don't say? Never would've imagined that. Mother hubbard, she does that creepy baby crying again. How can you vote for someone that does that? She will be performing "If I Was Your Woman." Randy thinks this is the best she's sound. Paula says this will be her moment where she upped her game. Simon didn't like the end as much. She did do well, but it was predictable.

I should point out that Paula is wearing some ridiculous Catwoman like leather gloves that go all the way up to her elbows. It is distracting in a creepy way. It's like she just came back from pulling a Dexter on someone. Shudder.

I will also admit this. I think the Jack in the Box commercials are consistently funny. They just showed the monkey spaceship commercial. Monkey Spaceship!

Back to the show with Chikezie! Clearly, Chikezie didn't get his vocal talent from his mother. Ouch. "If Only For One Night" is his song of choice. Snore. Randy didn't love it. He thinks it was too old school, which is the most ridiculous complaint they come up with. Simon agrees. Paula disagrees with both of them. I agree he sort of just covered the song, but I thought he did well. It still felt like Chikezie. He did sing it well. He can't bounce around the stage each week.

It's Goody Two shoes turn on stage. I finally realized that this is the kind of girl I'm going to marry. Wouldn't you be thrilled with that Anne Marie? Wait. Even I just got a chill at that thought. She will be singing "Every Breath You Take." Ugh. Boring again. She does it on the piano. It doesn't add anything. She's out of breath. Eh. She did screw up at that the start but nothing catastrophic. Randy thinks she should've staid with just the piano, as does Simon. I kind of agree. Once the band came in it did become worse.

After a little sales pitch from Seacrest, we have Tiny Dancer telling us about his childhood. He will be doing the double feature of "We Will Rock You/ We Are The Champions." The crowd certainly digs it. Randy says it's the best performance he's had on the show. I guess he can only sing Queen? Simon agrees. I would like to point out that he basically just covered the song like Chikezie. Nothing new.

Holy cow! Carly's kid hair was awesomely curly. What happened? The Ringer will be singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart." Good grief. Can we get someone to sing something different? Please! I do like her hair tonight. Once again it's exactly what you would expect. Randy didn't love it. The note was awful at the end. Paula is clearly tone deaf. Simon thought she came across too uptight. She was a little stiff, but I think that's just her.

Here we go with Teen Beat. Seacrest just completely embarrassed some young girl. Way to go Seacrest. The girls squeal at home video of him dancing as a little kid. It's like he was built in some underground lab or something. He's singing"Your the Voice?" At least it's not a ballad. Randy liked it. Wait. Simon is the one who knew who sang that? Simon didn't like it. It was a theme park performance! Simon was right. Of course he chose that song. It talks about society's ills. That's what he is all about. He wants to save the world! He's going to rule us all! Can't you people see that?

It's time for Headlights. She will be singing...wait for it...wait..."God Bless the USA." I can't take it! She's going to sink this low to try to win votes? Please put us all out of our misery! This song blows! Aahhhh. Shit! I'm sorry. This is appalling. Who let her do this? Nobody can bad mouth the song. Please Simon tears this-ugh. He thinks it's her best performance. He thinks it's a brilliant performance. He also says it is also the most clever song choice he's heard in years. I agree with that. It's a sneaky song choice. Simon knows who wrote this song too. What is happening? Well Headlights is safe next week.

Hopefully David Cook can cleanse that last performance from my mind. Who am I kidding. He's not doing the talk box again. What he is doing is Chris Cornell's version of Billie Jean. SO his thing is to cover other people's covers. He does have stage presence. Is really that original? He just knows how to find the odd covers. It's not his own take. He just knows how to find the song. All the judges thought it was amazing. It was good enough, but I think he's getting a little too much credit for originality.

Well that was more entertaining than last weeks mess of songs. I think Chikezie or maybe Short Round will be going home. The rest of the contestants need to learn how to use Wikipedia, and beat David Cook to the unusual covers.

Oh, my song choice for my birth year would've been "Yo. Yo" by the Osmonds. Thank you, and good night.

15,000 Hits

At 5:35 pm PST, this blog has the magical 15,000 hit mark! Why is it magical? I have no idea, but it feels magical. So to all my family, friends, and people who Googled for the band called The Throwaways, I thank you. I also apologize to the those expecting this site would have tons of information on your favorite band The Throwaways. Lucky number 15,000 came from Calgary, so I assume that must be Faith. Congratulations Faith. Unfortunately, that's all you get. No fabulous prize or anything. I'm sorry person from Burbank who Googled "southern california female myan peace makers." You came in at 15,001. So close.

Friday, March 21, 2008


TNT HD has been showing X-Files and Angel reruns late at night. This has resulted in some nice geek living when I just get home at work. Two fantastic shows that I've really enjoyed re-watching. I've enjoyed Angel the most. Sure there were missteps in the last two seasons, but damn it if I wasn't in tears during the finale. Which I would like to say is how a cut to black finale should work. cough Sopranos cough I actually clapped at the end, and I hate it when people clap at the end of watching a movie or TV show. How can you turn down a show that has an episode where the lead character is turned into a puppet? Ok, most of you probably can, but I can't.

For the past two months, I've been eating around 2 pints of ice cream a week.

Thanks to therapy, I've now fully realized how paranoid I am. I'm not paranoid toward strangers or if someone is going to hurt me. It's the reverse. I'm paranoid that someone will think I'm trying to hurt them or doing something wrong. If I end up walking behind a stranger for too long, I will stop or cross the street or go the long way around the block just so they don't think I'm some creepy guy following them. Sure I've written about my paranoia before. But talking about it out loud to someone kind of puts a different spin on it.

Using my Diana+ camera, I took photos of a friend's graduation performance from DJ Academy. I was so excited when I picked them up. Then I was furious when I realized they were all black. Then I cursed myself for thinking I could do this film camera thing. Then I wished I'd paid more attention in my lighting class. Then I bought a used Holga for the flash. So, now I have the Diana+ for daytime, long exposures, and pinholes, and my Holga for nighttime and dark shots. I've still found myself using my Diana+ more often.

We are now up to five weeks with no caffeine. Oddly it has only been recently that I have had cravings for Pepsi.

I'm torn right now. I think it would be a perfect fit for the Cubs to trade for Brian Roberts from Baltimore. It would give us a legitimate lead off hitter, and serious contenders in the National League. But, do I really want a player mentioned in the Mitchell Report on the team? On the other hand, to think that none of the current Cubs players have ever used performance enhancement drugs would be a bit naive on my part. Still...

I thought I lost it. I thought I lost my plastic guitar playing ability. After playing just the drums for over a month, I decided I wanted to strum a little guitar. There were some freshly downloaded Grateful Dead songs I wanted to try. (Yes, Grateful Dead) I expected there to be some rust so I set it on the hard setting. I quickly found myself being booed off the stage. What the hell? I've never failed a song on hard. I thought it was a fluke. I tried again. I didn't fail but I struggled mightily. I became a little concerned. I now sucked at guitar. Was I now going to have to play on medium? Well, eventually I was able to regain most of my form in about a week. I still can't beat Green Grass and High Tides on expert. It could vary well be my one video game regret in my life. 85% that's as far as I can get. I've realized the best way to describe my ability at Rock Band. I'm cover band talented.

I picked up the She & Him album. The album with M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel. You know what? It's quite good. Maybe it's my affection for the AM Goldish sound? Maybe it's my affection for Ms. Deschanel? But I like it.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Best Game of the Season

At the very least check out Keane's goal at 6:04. As stated, Unbelievable!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

American Idol Recap (Feels Like The First Time Edition)

Welcome back kids. In case this blog is the only way you keep up with Idol, let me get you up to speed from last week. David Hernandez, the former stripper, got the boot. This means more people liked Headlights butchering of a Beatles' classic than ever thought possible. More than likely more people liked her headlights. Anyway that leaves us with eleven contestants battling for the opportunity to flail away in a pool of mediocrity for an additional fifteen minutes in front of millions of people.

We are back at Idol's new set, which someone defined as "Thunderdomish," which I completely agree with. Only there's a hint of Tronity to it as well. Anyway, Seacrest tells us all that back by popular demand it's Beatles night all over again. I really would like to ask who's popular demand has wrought this upon us? You sure you don't want to save the songs for another season? Two nights in a row of Beatles songs sung by amateurs? Help us all. Oh wait. Last week was Lennon/McCartney night. Tonight is Beatles night. Completely different...

I would like to point out one good thing about the Beatles catalogue being made available. Rock Band! Word is they are most likely going to be in Guitar Hero. That's ridiculous. There aren't exactly a lot of shredding guitar solos in their music. Back to the show.

Cruella is the first one up tonight to sing a song that will sound like every other song he has sung. Her song choice of the night is "Back in the U.S.S.R." That seems about right. How did she get this far in the competition? She can't really sing. She is though comfortable on stage. It is just the same thing week after week, Simon. Thank you for just catching up. I do like her attitude toward this competition. She is honest. Still she's bottom rung on the talent scale.

Headlights is the interview hot seat. Aw, she brought along something for show and tell. That's always a good indicator of where you think you are in this competition. If cleavage isn't helping enough, use props. That sounds dirtier than I planned. Oh, it's a photo album. Yeah, I think we are past cute animal pictures saving you in this competition. The song she will butcher tonight is "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away." I'm already bored with tonight. Not a good sign. Well, at least she was better than last week, but really what could be worst. Simon calls her musical wallpaper. I think he spent all week trying to come up with that. Tell me she didn't plan that "blow you out of your socks" line. Dirty.

The now slightly tarnished Chosen One follows that mess up with "The Long and Winding Road." See, your Chosen One can only do slow songs too. Do the producers tell the crowd to wave their hands. This is boring too. He's been groomed and manufactured for this type of competition, but I think the desire for something different is going to hurt him. The girls still love him though. I mean they are crazy for him. Amazing? Simon? Really? I won't remember that performance. See, last her Bobble Head could do any style at any time. The Chosen One can only do ballads. That will hurt him.

Oooh blatant product placement of an iPhone. The poor girl looks like a deer in headlights. Tiny Dancer is up with his rendition of "A Day in the Life." Talk about a difficult song to piece together. It's so disjointed. Kind of a mess. Simon agrees with me on this. Ok, do we need these dedications? I'm certain his heart is the right place in choosing it in honor of his friend who passed away but it comes across as shady and using it for votes. I thought he was a shoo in to the top four, but he has stunk it up the past few weeks.

Ah, Goody Two Shoes is up in her Big Bird inspired ensemble. Still awfully cute. She will be singing "Here Comes the Sun." Which seems perfect for both her and stoner. Almost predictable. Not as good as last week. She has trouble commanding a stage and just having a microphone up there. It was really flower childish. She's sooo nice she even comes to the defend of the judges. Really? I think she even out nices Bobble Head from last year. Can it all be real?

David Cook is up after the break. He apparently got into a little trouble for using another band's composition of "Elanor Rigby." Seems a little ridiculous. Didn't The Chosen One do Stevie Wonder's version of "We Can Work it Out?" Is it because he said it was Wonder's version? Either way, it wasn't as good as everyone said it was. "Day Tripper" is his song of choice. He somehow found a version Whitesnake did. So I guess you do need to say who's version it is. Oh, did I just gloss over the fact that Whitesnake did a version of "Day Tripper?" Sorry. Whitesnake did a cover of "Day Tripper?" Shouldn't that have been destroyed years ago? Wait Whitesnake was around in the late 70's? That has to be a Spinal Tap like thing right? Hello wikipedia. They were apparently a bluesy rock band before they went all Led Zeppelin glam. Sweet Mother Hubbard he has talk box (ala Peter Frampton's "Do You Feel Like We Do"). This is going to suuuuuck. Ok, so it's not awful, but I'm really just waiting for the talk box! I can't believe he pulled out the talk box. Get to the talk box! Talk Box! Um, he didn't really talk. Maybe he just sucks at it. Still...Talk Box! Simon didn't like it that much. He does think he's becoming a bit of the bees knees. This is the longest paragraph written tonight.
He just got his nickname too. Talk Box!

Here's The Ringer. She will be singing "Blackbird" which is the song Simon and Paula were just bickering about at Seacrest's goading. Seems like forced coincidence to me. Sounds like a show tune version to me. I think Simon is just on a rampage tonight. Are the performances as good as Paula and Randy say? No. Were they as bad as Simon thinks? No. I've said it before. I'll say it again. They need new judges.

Stoner takes the stage to do "Michelle." Another awkward performance because he's on stage without his guitar. Just stand at the microphone if you suck at moving around. It's ok. You can't all be Chikezie. Also, don't pick songs where you have to sing French. Yes Simon! We shouldn't have had Beatles night. Why didn't you do something about it?

The Bitch will follow the commercials with "Yesterday." Which is very Idolish, and very predictable. I'm surprised nobody did it last week. Should be very standard and boring. Looks like she is taking a cue from Headlights and turning hers on. Good grief. She's acting the sadness so hard it's comical. Again, holy cleavage! Paula bought her fake vulnerability. Simon says it's her best performance. Maybe, but I don't believe her.

We finish the night off with Chikezie! Simon drags an old man from the crowd. I think he was just there to play bingo and got lost. That's a bingo card in his pocket right? Chikezie will be singing "I've Just Seen a Face," and he will be playing an instrument he just learned to play this week. Why? Unless you are lying to cover your mediocre playing ability which is probably true. That instrument...harmonica. Oh Chikezie. Ok. What just happened? Unlike Randy, I thought the slower part was going fine until he went country again. And the harmonica? I really don't know what happened. If he had kept it slow it would have been good bordering on quite good. The harmonica was like an e-brake only the car flipped instead of stopped. The problem is he is so charismatic on stage that you almost buy into it.

Apparently I jumped the gun. Short Round will be out last performer. I actually believe that Goody Two Shoes mothers Short Round. She's so cute and adorable. How can you not want to protect her. Tonight she will be singing "I Should Have Known Better." Nice it's an upbeat song. Much more personality this time. Not great, but she showed she can have fun. I will agree with Simon that the contestants have picked odd and not that great of songs. Beatles night was clearly a bad idea. Tonight was basically a mess. Way to go producers for taking too much of a bad thing. At least we had a talk box. Bring on the guest advisers.

I think this is the week Headlights goes home. She still didn't do well enough to get out of the votes basement.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Movies That Suck Sunday IV

photos of Dominic, Tim, and Bradford rocking courtesy of Mr. Robert Hornak

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Movies That Suck Sunday The Return

Movies That Suck Sunday IV is on the horizon. I tested out to put together a look back at the last three.

Update: I felt the previous video was lacking something, so I "remixed" it as the site likes to call it.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

American Idol Recap (Beat-I Mean Lennon and McCartney Night)

Here we go again kids. We are livish. We are finally at our top twelve, so let's begin.

Two big things tonight. First an all new American Idol set and intro. The intro has always needed updating. The set weirdly has the house band up above the stage. It's almost like they are angels. Musical angels trapped playing their harps for whiny wannabes. How much do you think they get per show? They apparently didn't make enough room to for the whole band so they stuck the band leader over in limbo. Oh, the other big thing is that it is Beatles night, or technically Lennon and McCartney night. Why is this big? This means that you will most likely be able to download Beatles songs on iTunes. So all you people who have refused to purchase any Beatles albums so you can eventually download them, your time is now. You are also most likely an idiot or five years old. For those idiots and five year olds we get to see a video introducing the Beatles. So they list a bunch of things that they drew their inspiration from. Drugs is not left off the list.

Randy just said in reference to the Beatles, "These boys put it down." Sigh.

First up is Syesha "The Bitch" Mercado. I'm still not sold on this nickname. It feels so harsh. Anyway, she will be singing "Got to Get You Into My Life." She wisely did the R&B version of the song. She got off on the wrong foot, but brought it around near the middle. Still nothing to write home about. Simon apparently liked it more than the others. She goes a little nuts. Doesn't this eventually start to get on the other two's nerves. It's become the goal now to win Simon's opinion. If you do that you've succeeded. This seems to be a possible problem with the show.

After the break, we begin with my man Chikezie and a little Q&A. How can you not love this guy? His song of choice will be "She's a Woman." I wonder how many of these arrangements are going to be R&Bish? Ooh he took it back further. He started off bluesy and then unfortunately went rock. Still it stands out, and he did rock it. He has charisma by the bucketfuls.

Next it's my other fantasy contestant Ramiele "Short Round" Malubay. I just hope someone helps her dress this time. She will be singing "In My Life." Hmm. Way to take the wind out of the audience after Chikezie's performance. You can't keep doing ballads every show! You're boring us to- Holy crap! Is the whole audience waving their hands like they just don't care? Who in the audience started this? Are you kidding me? Back to the song. Boooring. She needs to step it up. You can't do this after Chikezie's performance. I'm a little furious with Short Round. She has this great big voice, and does nothing with it. Stop being boring.

Jason "Stoner" Castro is sing next. "If I Fell" is what he chose to sing tonight. Maybe his nickname should be Coffee Shop. He needs to spice it up too. Do something other than this acoustic coffee shop shtick. Oh, and the judges might know their music well enough, but me and bunch of other people know you covered Buckley's version of "Hallelujah." Not saying it was wrong, but fess up and don't rely on the judges ignorance.

Carly "The Ringer" Smithson is doing a little Q&A with Seacrest. Her tattoo is a bit distracting. I love girls with tattoo that aren't in the middle of the lower back, but it's just a bit distracting. She will be performing "Come Together" which is what I thought Cruella would pick to sing. I would be thrilled if The Ringer picked this song knowing it's probably the only song Cruella can sing. We need some controversy. Well controversy that actually has to deal with the show. She said she was going to change it up, but I'm not so sure she changed it up enough. The crowd ate it up. Randy says "Stellar!" All three judges loved it. She's good, but did you see that tattoo?

David "TBD but I'm leaning toward something involving emo" Cook is our next performer. Will he be playing guitar once again? How badly is hoping for Weezer night? Does his mother even like his hair? In case you haven't noticed, that collar on his coat is huge! His song is "Elanor Rigby." Apparently no guitar tonight he thinks it would be too much for the song. If guitar would be overkill, why is there crunching guitar in the chorus? Why is he singing like he needs a guitar? Simon calls it brilliant. Brilliant? He emoed the song up. Decent but not brilliant. Brooke "Goody Two Shoes" White is next after the break.

Goody Two Shoes will be singing "Let it Be" which is exactly what I thought she would sing. I know she doesn't have the strongest voice but I love the crack in it. You're right Paula. I have fallen in love with her. You're right Simon. She is believable. I'm no longer scared. I love Brooke White and her scratchy voice.

David Hernandez will be singing "I Saw Her Standing There." I do wonder how him being a former nude stripper at a gay club has gotten him kicked off the show in this post-Timberlake/Janet Super Bowl fiasco. Haven't people been disqualified for less on this show? He says he's going to "work the stage." [Insert Stripper Joke Here] Yeah this isn't so good. We've had numerous out of the American Idol box performances, and this falls into your typical Idol performance. Overdid it? He just stunk. Rabbit in the headlights is actually a correct term. I believe it is the British version of deer in the headlights.

Amanda "Cruella" Overmeyer is in the Q&A seat, and they actually did something with her hair. Did they have to tranquilizer her, so they could do it? She will be howling "You Can't Do That." This is the first time she's ever heard it, which must mean The Ringer took her song, right? It's smart to Elvis the song up. Ok, they just cut to what is labeled as "Amanda's Family and Friend." I'm assuming the friend must be the frightening Blue Brother/Homicidal Maniac wearing the sunglasses. Excuse me sir could you leave? You are scaring the crap out of the audience. She did better than I thought she would do. Nice Paula and Simon have a nasty little spat. She actually seems to be enjoying herself. Apparently there are three more contestants to perform. Really? That many? Ugh.

Michael "Tiny Dancer" Johns is putting his Australian accent to good use. If he wins, who will be more excited? Will it be Georgia where he lived most of his years in the US, or will it be Australia? My guess is Australia. If he wins, he's going back to Australia to celebrate. The same can be said for The Ringer. Are they not allowed to say The Beatles? Do they have to say Lennon and McCartney? They haven't said Beatles all night have they? In fact they have gone out of their way to not say it. Anyway, he will be singing "Across the Universe." Stop waving your damn hands audience or you will lose them. Not fantastic but better than he's been the last couple weeks. Simon can't even remember these contestants names, and doesn't even try to hide it.

Kristy Lee "Headlights" Cook is here to display her assets. She's the "Legs" of last season, only she's accentuating the half? Sorry trying to be somewhat delicate here. She will be changing "Eight Days a Week" into a country song. Can't wait to hear this. Oh...Dear...Lord. None of them can like this crap. I'm not torn Randy. It sucked. Simon calls it "Dolly Parton on Helium." That fits Simon. To clean that out of our ears, we at least have David "Teen Beat" Archuleta to conclude the night. Of course he could make us all want slit our wrists with another depressing song.

"Teen Beat" will be singing "We Can Work it Out." Of course he will be doing the Stevie Wonderish version. Oops. Oops. Oops. That's how many times he forgot the lyrics, at least. He died up there. It was a train wreck. In fact it was one of the worst performances tonight. Is he still The Chosen One?

To wrap up this night, Chikezie and Goody Two Shoes were the top performers in my opinion. Headlights and Teen Beat had the worst performance. Headlights will be going home.

Friday, March 07, 2008

American Idol Season 7 Primer

Here we are kids down to are Final 12. That means it's a return of the American Idol recaps. Before next weeks show I thought I'd catch everyone up who doesn't watch regularly. I'd hate for you to feel left out. That's what my baseball posts are for.

How about I go through who is left in this "singing" competition?

David "Teen Beat" Archuleta - As I stated before, it is pretty much already a lock that this kid is going to win. The teen girls adore him beyond comprehension. All the chinks in his heartthrob armor ( disturbing humility, loves singing depressing songs, may have already peaked in the competition, Mormon) will go unnoticed by these hormone raging teen girls. And we all know they are the ones that vote like it's life and death.

Ramiele "Short Round" Malubay - Typical small girl with a big voice. Nobody seems to know how to dress her. Each night she looks like she's going out to do laundry not sing on a nationally televised show. I don't think she has a great chance because I don't think she can sing anything but power ballads.

Kristy Lee "Headlights" Cook - She barely beat out my girl Asia'h because of two things: her willingness to flaunt cleavage, and she added enough twang to get the country vote. I can't see her lasting more than two weeks. She's awful.

Michael "Tiny Dancer" Johns - My nickname for him makes no sense, but let me explain. I thought he was a front runner early on based on looks, Aussie accent, and decent rocker voice. The problem is every time he performs he goes into his imitation Jim Morrison dance. It's become beyond annoying for me simply because "Tiny Dancer" always starts going through my mind when he performs. Like I said it makes no sense. Also, he lacks personality.

David Hernandez - Maybe his nickname should be "Tiny Dancer" considering the recent controversy surrounding the recent news that he stripped at a gay bar. I still haven't come up with a nickname yet that is blog appropriate. I don't think I will have to worry too long though. He hit his peak with "Papa Was a Rolling Stone."

Amanda "Cruella" Overmeyer - She's simply scary. Yet, you think if she allowed someone to, they could cute her up. Still, she can't sing at all. She acts like she' already done with this whole competition. I'm expecting she won't make it two weeks.

Jason "Stoner" Castro - Everybody likes that one stoner guy they know. He's always friendly and never really has a bad thing to say about anybody. His haze reduced filter leads to enjoyable honesty. Thing is he was never featured ever till the final 24. He doesn't have a strong voice, but knows how to accentuate his strengths. My main dark horse in this competition.

Carly "The Ringer" Smithson - Actually, there are about four or five ringers this year, but she had a music video made for her single from an actual album. That makes her the head ringer in this group. I'm surprised her previously having all that has lead to more fan backlash getting her voted off. She does though have a good voice. She always picks a bad song to sing though.

Syesha "The Bitch" Mercado - She has actually not shown any inclination that she is in fact a bitch. I am simply drawing this conclusion from two things. First, she lists her occupation as actress, and has already referenced it in one of her interviews. If there is one thing I've learned working in Hollywood is that 90% of all actors and actresses are or soon become bitchy. You will be charmed by their charisma and seeming openness. One day though something will snap and all hell will break loose followed by cats and dogs living together and then mass hysteria. This is why I kinda hope she lasts for awhile. I want to see cats and dogs living together on American Idol. Oh, I forgot about the second reason...her blank stares when the judges critique her. It looks like she immediately goes into self affirmation mode. "It doesn't matter what they say. You are beautiful and talented. You are a star no matter what anyone says."

Chickezie "Jacuzzi" Eze - My man doesn't really need a nickname, but Simon's flub works. Completely likable fellow. He can talk back to the judges and have it not sound like he's a whiny bitch. He is clearly having fun out there. Unfortunately, American Idol hates black men.

Brooke "Goody Two Shoes" White - I will admit I'm kinda in love with her. She also kinda creeps me out. Maybe it's just me. She claims to have never seen an "R" rated movie. Just hearing that gives me flashbacks to my childhood. She's selling herself as this overly good person. Still, I pretty sure I can see a "bad" side to her. I guess I have issues. Anyway, she doesn't have the strongest voice, but she's the smartest contestant this year. Nearly, every decision of hers has been spot on. Her acoustic "Love is a Battlefield" was really good.

David Cook - Three David's? Good grief. This one is the rocker of the bunch. He's so much the rocker that he even incorporates playing an electric guitar in his performances. He's also bland. Very very bland. His remake of Lionel Richie's "Hello" was cheesy fun. If he keeps taking chances like that he might survive for awhile. Still working on his nickname too.

Other Thoughts - After this season they need to find new judges. Their own personal banter is becoming a henderence to the show by excluding both the viewer and the contestant. Shouldn't Simon know that the lead singer of Queen is Freddie Mercury and not "that guy?" He's already screwed up twice on naming the artist who originally sang the song. And once again has not heard a couple songs that are fairly popular. Paula is just worthless. Randy's critiques have become nothing but catch phrases. Even when he disagrees with Simon he just spouts catch phrases. If Idol don't make more decisive adjustments this might be the beginning of the end for Idol.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Ramblings (Basbeall Season is Upon Us! Hello? Where Did Everyone Go Edition?)

I'm so excited at how this final season of The Wire is shaping up. I was a little concerned with the homeless story line, but it is all coming together so nicely. Of course the fact that I wrote "final season" is a bit of a bummer. I'm totally hooked now on this OnDemand. HBO makes the new episodes of The Wire available a week early which makes Mondays bearable.

Speaking of TV. The flash forwards on Lost have completely saved show and was a brilliant move by the writers. Unlike Heroes, the strike might have actually helped Lost, because they seem so honed in and moving the plot along because they don't have to try to fill a full season.

Unfortunately, it looks like the strike might have put an end to Friday Night Lights. If a couple years from now you Netflix the series and end up realizing its brilliance, don't come telling me I was right. I don't want to hear it because you will be two years too late.

We are a little over a week away from the American Idol's final 12. I will be back blogging again about the show, but other than readership spikes I have no idea why it even matters. We already know that David Archuleta is going to when. Have you heard how loud the pre-teen girls squeal when even his name it uttered? It would take some monumental scandal or Paula Abdul actually killing him with love for him not to win. Worst idol season ever? Maybe.

Almost four weeks and still no caffeine intake.

I'm really enjoying The Mae Shi's new album.

Looking forward to The Gutter Twins album tomorrow and the concert April 2.

I recently started a new workout program. It's called Rock Band Drummer. Playing drums for an hour works everything. Well everything except my left leg. The next Rock Band needs double kick drums so I can get the complete workout.

Finally, I will end this post with some practice shots I took with the wonderful Diana+ camera Ben, Julie, and Ella gave me for Christmas.