Friday, March 21, 2008


TNT HD has been showing X-Files and Angel reruns late at night. This has resulted in some nice geek living when I just get home at work. Two fantastic shows that I've really enjoyed re-watching. I've enjoyed Angel the most. Sure there were missteps in the last two seasons, but damn it if I wasn't in tears during the finale. Which I would like to say is how a cut to black finale should work. cough Sopranos cough I actually clapped at the end, and I hate it when people clap at the end of watching a movie or TV show. How can you turn down a show that has an episode where the lead character is turned into a puppet? Ok, most of you probably can, but I can't.

For the past two months, I've been eating around 2 pints of ice cream a week.

Thanks to therapy, I've now fully realized how paranoid I am. I'm not paranoid toward strangers or if someone is going to hurt me. It's the reverse. I'm paranoid that someone will think I'm trying to hurt them or doing something wrong. If I end up walking behind a stranger for too long, I will stop or cross the street or go the long way around the block just so they don't think I'm some creepy guy following them. Sure I've written about my paranoia before. But talking about it out loud to someone kind of puts a different spin on it.

Using my Diana+ camera, I took photos of a friend's graduation performance from DJ Academy. I was so excited when I picked them up. Then I was furious when I realized they were all black. Then I cursed myself for thinking I could do this film camera thing. Then I wished I'd paid more attention in my lighting class. Then I bought a used Holga for the flash. So, now I have the Diana+ for daytime, long exposures, and pinholes, and my Holga for nighttime and dark shots. I've still found myself using my Diana+ more often.

We are now up to five weeks with no caffeine. Oddly it has only been recently that I have had cravings for Pepsi.

I'm torn right now. I think it would be a perfect fit for the Cubs to trade for Brian Roberts from Baltimore. It would give us a legitimate lead off hitter, and serious contenders in the National League. But, do I really want a player mentioned in the Mitchell Report on the team? On the other hand, to think that none of the current Cubs players have ever used performance enhancement drugs would be a bit naive on my part. Still...

I thought I lost it. I thought I lost my plastic guitar playing ability. After playing just the drums for over a month, I decided I wanted to strum a little guitar. There were some freshly downloaded Grateful Dead songs I wanted to try. (Yes, Grateful Dead) I expected there to be some rust so I set it on the hard setting. I quickly found myself being booed off the stage. What the hell? I've never failed a song on hard. I thought it was a fluke. I tried again. I didn't fail but I struggled mightily. I became a little concerned. I now sucked at guitar. Was I now going to have to play on medium? Well, eventually I was able to regain most of my form in about a week. I still can't beat Green Grass and High Tides on expert. It could vary well be my one video game regret in my life. 85% that's as far as I can get. I've realized the best way to describe my ability at Rock Band. I'm cover band talented.

I picked up the She & Him album. The album with M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel. You know what? It's quite good. Maybe it's my affection for the AM Goldish sound? Maybe it's my affection for Ms. Deschanel? But I like it.


Jiff Divingboard said...

I really love these ramblings. Love 'em. So fun.


AND... no, I've NEVER seen an Angel... but that picture FASCINATED me. He turns into a puppet? That just looks oddly creative.

Lindsay Adams said...

I know I have a girl crush on Zooey....she is an awesome singer....check out the movie Flakes if you have not seen it....cereal and Zooey what could be better