Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ramblings (The Nothing Edition)

Good grief. My life has become increasingly boring since my wisdom teeth were removed. I've been tempted to put myself purposely into awkward situations just so I could have something to write about. You would think with all this boringness that I would've at least accomplished something. Well...I beat Crackdown...and that's about it. Bob and I played the fantastic multiplayer which consisted of us simply blowing the shit out of things with rocket launchers. You would think that would get boring quick, but it lasted probably a combined 6 maybe 7 hours over the weekend. And I still went back to the game last night just to see how many criminals I could get in one area to blow up. Man, I need help.

One of the many problems that arise when I find myself overwhelmed with boredom is that I find myself filling that time in pointless ways. For example, I found myself spending over an hour at ancestry.com looking up Iten. Here are some random facts I've discovered about Itens:
(All this information is taken from US Federal Census, so take it all with a big grain of salt)

In 1840 there was only one Iten family and they lived in Indiana.

1853 was the year that the most Itens immigrated to the US with 15. 1854 was a close second with 14. 1866 came in third with 9.

In 1880 the Iten occupations broke down like this:
Farmers - 43%
Carpenter - 14%
Plasterer, Keeps House, Boarding House, Blacksmith - 7%

Also in 1880, Minnesota had the largest population of Itens. This seems to be the state that most Itens immigrated to.

11 Itens served in the Civil War, and they all fought for the Union.

Most of the Iten immigrants (40) originated from Switzerland.

19 Itens departed Europe from La Havre, France.

I was slightly tempted to buy a year subscription to ancestry.com which leads to another problem I have when boredom sets in: I start buying pointless things.

Late last week at Target I went to pick up a couple necessities like toilet paper. I left with said toilet paper, and a green Ireland T-shirt, a cookie sheet, and a pair of shorts. Shorts! I wear shorts maybe one day a year. I don't need shorts. I don't need a cookie sheet either. Yet, I somehow thought I would perhaps someday need to bake cookies. I have a completely rational explanation for the Ireland T-shirt. You see, on St. Patrick's day last year I got a lot of flak from co-workers for only wearing drab green pants. They didn't think it counted as a real green. This made me realize I didn't really have an green in my wardrobe. Over the past year I have since bought a green sweater, a shirt with green checks, and now a green Ireland T-shirt. Actually, yesterday I just bought a green Cubs baseball cap with a clover on the back. I'm so going to show my co-workers this St. Patrick's day which of course falls on a Saturday this year. Doh!

If there is one thing we all should have taken away from the Oscars, it is that Helen Mirren is really hot. I'm not joking. She's beautiful.

I have 30 lbs of therapeutic dead sea bathing salts under my bathroom sink.

I'm so hoping Sony's upcoming a/v receivers with hdmi capabilities end up performing well. Ranging from $200 to $500 dollars depending on the model, it's absolutely in my budget's wheelhouse.

A couple of friends are had an American Idol fantasy draft. I never saw the finalists perform, so I was choosing blindly. I ended up with:

Stephanie Edwards who seems to be my best bet.
Gina Glocksen who is a long, long, long shot.
Amy Krebs who was already booted.

I just ask that I don't come in last.

Maybe I should just adopt a kid so I could have more things to blog about. That's a good reason isn't it. I'd adopt a boy and name him The Devastator. Dev for short. Just think of the blog posts:
"Dev's First Word: Pepsi"
"I'll Be Damned If Dev Isn't Going To Be A Left Handed Pitcher"
"Dev's Got First Head Shot Kill In Halo 2 Today"
"Dev Has Fully Realized The Pain Of Being a Cubs Fan."
"Dev: Chick Magnet!"
"I Guess I Need To Shorten That Leash For Dev When I Got To Work."
"Why Are All Dev's Cousins Scared Of Him?"

Well that's it for this post. I need to go buy something.


Jaime said...

Helen Mirren IS hot!

Anonymous said...

Fightin' for the Union?
Well just remember, The South's Gonna' Rise Again Iten!!

bobby said...

I want to know what the other 36% of Itens were up to in 1880. I'm guessing they were out back shooting cans for up to six hours per weekend.

thefamousgrouse said...

It is quite possible that Target pumps some sort of euphoric shop-happy gas through their mischevious air ducts. You got off easy with a t-shirt, cookie sheet, and shorts. I frequently go into Target for a gallon of milk and emerge with 10 shopping bags full of things we "need" for the house. I don't know how they do it. I think we need to get to the bottom of this...