Tuesday, May 15, 2007

American Idol Recap (Triple Threat Edition)

I'll be honest. I'm done with this. I was thinking of excuses to stop doing these, but I'm not a quitter. I will see this to the end.

So tonight is all about the number three. Three contestants left and they will each sing three songs. One the judges will pick, another the producers will pick, and finally the contestants themselves will pick one. This is clearly retaliation for CCM's ridiculous song selections. The people in charge are tired of this, and need to have control so Jordin can win.

Speaking of Jordin, she is up first singing-Wait. Jordin was apparently in Arizona, and the mayor reads a fax from Simon with the he wants her to sing. I bet that took three takes at the least. Oh the song is Wishing on a Star. Simon didn't like the arrangement. This whole gimmick is wheels off. I would like to point out that the one judge who has the most influence was selected to pick for Jordin. Just thought I'd point that out.

Oh so I guess they each went to their home town and the mayor for each town gives them the song that the judges picked. Paula picked Roxanne by the Police for CCM. How many people think Paula really chose the song? Yeah that's what I thought. How is this a good singer's song? Maybe Paula did pick it? Anyway it got the same reaction as Jordin's song.

Time for Bobblehead to be given her song selection from the Governor of Tennessee. Randy has chosen I Believe in You and Me by Whitney "This is what happens when you do crack" Houston. Randy says he chose it to challenge Bobblehead. I say he chose it to get a residual check. So the judges think Bobblehead won the first round. I agree.

At this point, why don't they just have each contestant sing a whole song? Isn't that a good enough test instead of this chopped up two minute versions?

So the producer's choice for Jordin is Donna Summer's She Works Hard for the Money. This song is about hookers right? It's about not beating on the whore you just hired. All the judges liked this performance.

CCM once again with the producer's choice of Maroon 5 with This Love. Which is such an obvious selection that I'm surprised he hasn't sung it before. I guess at this point I can admit that I watched American Dreamz starring Hugh Grant and Mandy Moore the other not on cable. The only excuse I have is that it was in HD. Anyway, Jordin reminds me of the Mandy Moore character that I've come to now dislike Jordin even more. Is it fair? No. But I'm not longer buying into her cuteness. I think she's faking it. I would also like to give Seacrest props for his name dropping. It's much more subtle than Randy's. Randy just goes ahead and says he worked on this song or with this artist. Seacrest simply introduces CCM singing Adam and the gang's song... See just by saying the lead singer's first name he's indicated he and the band are tight. Don't under estimate Seacrest. He's slick. Everyone liked this one too.

Bobblehead wraps up the producer's selection round. Ike and Tina Turner's Nutbush City Limits. What? I understand picking a Tina Turner song. How about a song that people actually know? They are so trying to tank Bobblehead. Jordin gets one of the biggest disco songs of all time. CCM gets a top ten song released in this decade. Bobblehead gets Nutbush City Limits? She still nails it. The judges call it a tie this round. Randy though was leaning toward Bobblehead.

Jordin's personal selection is I Who Have Nothing. Man I love this song. Oh look Jordin has a star in the mall where she had her first job. By star I mean a piece of plastic that wouldn't survive a day in a mall. Why doesn't the band dress up? They all look like they have day jobs as night nurses. This is the number one show in a America and you let them dress like slobs? I don't get this Simon and his problem with people singing old songs. A good song is a good song. Jordin shows a little bit of her nasty side commenting on Simon's pick.

CCM ends his night with Robin Thicke's When I Get You Alone. Ah Sir Mix-A-Lot is rapping with CCM beatboxing. It will take a good few days to get that out of my dreams. Everyone liked it. Simon liked it the most out of the judges.

Bobblehead wraps up the night with I'm a Woman. They show Bobblehead is getting a street named after her. I think that sign is already in the trash. Out of all the contestants Bobblehead is the only one that could pull off this song. Simon says he'd put her in the final two. I'd just give it to her now. But we've all known this for the last month which is why I'm tired of this.

Tomorrow I predict that in a big surprise Jordin is going home.


JIFF Divingboard said...

I know you're tired of writing this, but I read it every time, now.

We watched last night. Agree most of the way around.

"Why doesn't the band dress up?" YES! You scratched an itch with that comment I had last night. They showed some girl in the band and I thought, "She looks really... um... normal?" Good call.

And, yeah, that star in the mall and that sign on the street are GONE. I think you can get 'em on eBay.

Wasn't Paula odder than usual?

I couldn't quit giggling whenever Melinda said "nutbush."

I think I'd hear of half the songs from last night.

I would watch any show Simon Cowell was a part of. He's like Ricky Gervais' grumpier cousin.

Anonymous said...

Bobblehead is gone?! I could not believe my ears when they announced it. I am still in shock. Maybe you're right - they sabotaged her with that nutbush business!

PS - This is Krystal - having computer issues.