Thursday, January 12, 2006

What Was I Thinking?

I had one of those out of nowhere memories tonight. Back in Junior High at BJU, I used to always make the suicide fountain drinks. The ones where you fill your cup with every drink that's available. What were we thinking that this was something that tasted good? Weren't there FDA warnings about mixing such things? This could easliy explain a lot of my behavior. I'm not the only what that did this right? Tim, I'm certain must have.


faith said...

Indeed but we called it 'swamp water'. I did it once by the encouragemnet of my brother and his friends (they did it all the time)...really gross!

Ben said...

I only did it cause you did it. I take no responsability for those things. Although this did come up independantly with some friends of mine all of whom had partaken. I don't remember them being all that bad...until you added the diet anyway.

Tim said...

Wow...I just found this posting. And I'm mentioned...I knew there was a reason my ears were ringing, besides the fact that I take prescription drugs I buy off the Internet from India.

Yeah, I did suicides too. But the key was knowing when to say when to the variety. Two, three flavors could make for an interesting beverage. But gush a bit of the wrong soda in your concoction, and you're f'ing ruined. Usually, the most dangerous flavor of all to flirt with was the plain water tap.