Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Blog Family Grows

I'd like to welcome my brother, Ben I., to the world of blogging. I added a link to his blog on the left. What can you get from his blog that you can't in mine? First of all, he's married and has two ubersmart and adorable little girls. I'm obviously single. So, with his blog you'll get an insight to being a responsible adult. Secondly, he lives in Columbus, OH, and I live in LA. Rather than be bored by my endless star sightings and traffic woes, he will give you harrowing tales of crossing "The Oval." For the final difference I offer you these two sentences from our blogs:

Me: "This weekend I popped my Ikea cherry."
Ben I: "I spent the whole night transcribing from Moabite the stele from Dibon."

Perhaps we aren't that different after all.

This message brought to you by the Wide World of Sports

1 comment:

faith said...

ohhh...I just did a quick click over and I like his blog already! I will definately be reading.