Monday, January 09, 2006

I Am Jack

This weekend I popped my Ikea cherry. I know it seems surprising that it took me this long. Usually, I steal my furniture from relatives and ex-roommates. Now that I can actually afford some things, I figured it was time to get a new desk. The one I recently had was of the fiberboard cart like things. It had deteriorated so much that I was scared to touch anything because it might collapse. So off I went to Ikea. Why have I been so hesitant to step foot into Ikea? It’s a ridiculous reason. I hate to admit it but it has a little to do with the movie “Fight Club.” Remember the scene where Norton walk’s through his apartment and all the Ikea furniture appears. That left an impression in my mind. With my gadget fetishism, and love of entertainment, I didn’t want to risk obtaining one more addiction by buying Ikea. A few years ago, I eventually realized that it’s just furniture, and I really, really needed a desk. Ikea is all little overwhelming at first. They force you to go up three stories and then have to work your way down through the various sections. I felt like a mouse in a maze. Eventually, I found a desk that fit my needs and picked up my cheese at the end. Of course, I picked up an office chair to replace my metal folding chair. I understand the draw of relatively cheap and decent looking furnishings, but the process takes to long for me. Maybe it’s only this store’s layout, but it’s impossible to run in and run out. That’s something I want in a store.


Keymaster said...

IKEA had me at the gadget section. My favorite purchase is my magnetic (knife holder) strip. Very cool.

faith said...

"This weekend I popped my Ikea cherry."

Are you alwowed to do that in public? I guess you live in is possable.

Bradford said...

Keymaster: I stayed away from the gadget section. I knew I'd probably get caught in their magic.
Faith: You can do anything in LA.

MOL Junior said...

first sentence on this post is EXTREMELY abrasive and unfortunate ! ! !