Thursday, January 12, 2006


Let’s get the baseball out of the way first. The Cubs finally traded Corey “I Have Five Tools” Patterson to the Orioles for some mid-level prospects. Some have been a little concerned that this might turn into another Lou Brock from Ernie Broglio trade. Which is perhaps not only the worst trade the Cubs have ever made, but it’s perhaps the worst trade in the history of baseball. I don’t think that’s going to happen. The difference is that Patterson doesn’t have the drive or a thick enough skin. If he had gone to play winter ball like management suggested and lit it up down there, he would still probably be a Cub. Patterson isn’t completely at fault either. Once again the Cubs have shown they have no patience when it comes to their young players. Wood and Prior being prime examples as well of the Cubs pushing their superstars of the future through the ranks before they are ready. I’m really surprised the Cubs even got something for Patterson.

There has been hesitation by the Cubs to extend the contracts of Hendry and Baker. Hendry I think should stay. He’s done a pretty good job fleecing some teams and getting what he needs. He has made mistakes but I think he’s done a solid job. Baker, as I’ve said before needs to go. He’s too much about people loving Dusty that I think discipline slips on the team. Don’t even get me started on his handling of a pitching staff.

How many of you out there bought the new iMac over the holidays only to find out a few months later that there is a newer version with a faster processor at the same price? Have we come to the point where the instantaneous turn around on new gadgets is completely accepted? I’m as guilty as anyone in the fact that when it comes to electronics, “new” has become such a selling point that the word has lost meaning. Also, the name of Apple's new laptop is awful. MacBook Pro? Apple can do better than that. It sounds like they just pulled names from a hat and put them together.

I would though like to give some big ups to the program Delicious Library for Mac. There's not a better program to keep track of all my CD's, DVD's, books, and video games. The borrowers list is a nice addition as well. This program and Comic Life have sold me on Mac.

For those who keep asking, I do sometimes think “What if?” when it comes to Melissa. I then quickly come to my senses.

I’ve been meaning to post this. This is my favorite Christmas card of 2005. Actually it’s in the top five easily. The thing is none of us in the office knew of Dean’s talent.

The new Beauty and the Geek season kicked off last night, and I’m fairly pleased with the way things have begun. I know it sounds like a mean setup, but trust me it’s a very sweet show. My favorite geek so far is the kid Tyson, who solved a Rubik’s Cube behind his back in a couple minutes. The girl Tristan is currently the favorite beauty. She gave a nice speech to nerds about her own insecurity. Yes, I realize how gay this makes me sound. But I don’t care. You know what else? I watch Olympic figure skating sometimes. Yeah!

Two new reasons why I love my sister Mandy: 1. She’s geeky enough to be excited for me about my new LCD monitor. 2. She used the line, “Stay on target. Stay on target,” in a conversation we had during Christmas break. She makes me so proud.

After playing it at Ben K’s, and talking with Bob, I’ve fully come to terms that I’m waiting for the PS3 and not picking up the Xbox 360 till later. I should really probably wait till I get a HDTV before I purchase either of them. So, some time in 2020 I should be able to pick them up.

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bobby said...

That Christmas card is awesome. Captured Caine right down to his stupid little shoes. He looks like he already knows how the kid did it. What an ass.