Thursday, September 08, 2005

When Did Bon Jovi Become the MLB House Band?

Somewhere this conversation took place:

Record Exec #1: What are we going to do? MTV won't play us. All we get from VH1 is "Behind the Music." How are we going to reach the masses?

Record Exec #2: I'm stumped. We need some avenue, some platform to get this CD of steroid infused pop sap.

Record Exec #1: Steroid induced?

Record Exec #2: Yeah. Steroi- Baseball!

Record Exec #2: Fuck yeah! Who loves Bon Jovi?

Record Exec #1 &2: Baseball Fans!

Record Exec #1: We have so earned are paychecks today.

Record Exec #2: Damn straight. Wanna go hit on the new interns?


MOL Junior said...

first of all big ups to you for brekaing your f-word cherry!

second of all our society's fascination with all things bon jovi will never case to amaze me. i hvae posted on this in the past, and i will post on it again.

not only are they the MLB house band, they are the house band for NFL and NBA, too. ENOUGH!

Bradford said...

I don't think that counts as breaking my f-word cherry, since it is used as dialogue. It technically wasn't my own words.