Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Why I Love Football Season:

It’s not the great match-ups. It’s not the 60 yard bomb. It’s not the crack of the helmets. It’s not the cheerleaders. It’s not watching the Cowboys choke. It’s not listening to the unintentional comedy of ESPN’s Sunday night commentators. I love football season for the Weekly NFL Office Pool. I get to line my pockets with my coworker’s money. I try not to plan on winning the $500 bucks I usually do every season, but it’s difficult when you’re this good. I laugh at those who submit multiple entries. I scoff at those who go to ESPN.com to see who the experts pick. There’s a simple formula to use that will at least give yourself a chance to win, but I’m not going to share. Daddy’s saving for the Xbox 360 so he needs the paper. That’s how I roll.


faith said...

enjoy your new Xbox when you get it! :0)

MOL Junior said...

please please please share!!! you know my e-mail...i'm in a pool that i won 2 years ago but now i SUCK every week.