Friday, September 30, 2005


Including today there are three more days left till the playoffs. The teams have been set except for the Wild Cards and the AL East. Since the White Sox have already clinched, this puts Boston in a bit of the whole as their series with the Yankees means something to both teams, and the White Sox and Cleveland series means something to only the Indians. Commissioner Selig says he believes the White Sox will play their starters against the Indians. It should be that Selig hopes and prays that the White Sox will not take it easy. He knows what having the Red Sox and the Yankees in the playoffs means: bigger revenue and ratings. The last thing Selig wants is for the Indians to beat out the Red Sox for the Wild Card. Well screw him. I'm rooting for the Tribe.

As for the NL Wild Card, I hope the Cubs stick it to the Astros and sweep them. Just once let the Cubs do the right thing this season. Since the Cubs season is over, and has been over, I guess I can whip out this song that I use to close each Cubs season. Of course I could have played this in July.

Whiskeytown-Empty Baseball Park-Faithless Street

Also, I know A-Rod has had a great year, but have you seen a player like Big Papi get big hit after big hit? Where would the Red Sox be without him? They’d barely be over .500 team. That sounds like MVP to me.

How funny would it have been that if the hatch in Lost led to a toilet in China? Ok, maybe it wouldn’t be that funny. It would though be right up there with the St. Elsewhere’s snowglobe ending.

I’ve made it a goal of mine to reconnect with three friends from high school. Thanks to internet magic I don’t think this will be all that difficult. One of my flaws is that it’s not easy for me to keep long distance friendships. I get caught up with where I’m currently and end up losing touch. There have only been three people that I’ve kept in contact with: Bob, Eric and Melissa. These three guys helped me survive the hell that is college. What I know now is Karl works in Wildlife protection, Craig is some kind of genius that has worked at MIT in Mass. Yeah, he was always been the smart one. I don’t know what Aaron is doing. I do know they are all married. We’ll see how it goes. You wonder how much everyone has changed, or if you've changed that much.

I cut my own hair and it shows.

For some reason they still make those Charmin commercials with the animated bears wiping their ass. Am I the only one that is creeped out by these? Who think these help sell toilet paper?

I’m getting tired of people complaining about the state of music. You may want the world to listen to cool music but it’s not going to happen. These days the music at the top of the charts is produced to be there. It’s made for mass consumption. There are exceptions, and different trends but it will never be like it was in the past. Simply be glad that there is music being made that you enjoy, and that with iTunes, satellite radio, and independent music webzines you have many more avenues to find good music than before, and isn’t it worth working a little for?

I’d like to thank those who frequent this blog. As of last night I eclipsed the 1,000 visit mark. Which I thought wouldn’t happen till 2020. So thanks, I hope it’s been slightly entertaining. I'd also like to apologize for the last post. I don't know what my purpose or rational for writing it. These things happen I guess.


bobby said...

Your blog is a mainstay on the fave list, right between MJ and 3CT. I've learned more about you in the last two months than the last five years! (But between you and me, how many of those "visits" are you checking for responses throughout the day? Most 3CT hits are me.)

I'm excited. If I really try hard I can blast through the last seven episodes of Lost season 1 this weekend. Then I don't have to seize up every time someone brings up the show, in fear of giant secrets leaking prematurely, if you will.

Bradford said...

I use sitemeter to count my hits, so I can have it ignore my visits. It's addictive and I know too much about who visits and when. For example, I think you have your computer's clock set to the Alaska time zone.

bob said...

i love you. and turn on your cell phone.

faith said...

1. I'm not sure what you need to apologize for in your last post!
2. My Ex is from Chicago and I became a Cubs fan through him, the same year that they just missed the big game because of that guy who caught the ball! (Grrrr)
3. Your blog is great! I love to read it...even when I don't post.

faith said...

Brad, I was just looking at your profile and noticed that you are a Sagittarius, when is your b-day? (if you don't mind me asking) I am one as Well...Nov 25th

Bradford said...

Bob: My cell phone is on. I love you too.
Faith: Dec. 28th.

MOL Junior said...

turns out the white sox could've run their AA team out there and still would've swept the tribe.