Thursday, September 29, 2005

If I Was Overconfident

Awhile ago I actually had a girlfriend. It was an odd relationship, because we both admitted early on that it eventually wouldn’t work out for various reasons. For that short time though, we had fun hanging out, going to non-date movies, and ahem other activities. Near the end, she said that “No matter what, we need to still be good friends.” Of course I said “sure.” I’m not a complete ass, and I did have fun hanging out with her. So, we went the friends route. We still went to a couple movies, and went to dinner a few times. Then her contact with me reduced less and less. She never called. If I called, she always cut it short. She no longer IM’d me. Her emails were the same questions no matter what my email was pertaining to. Then there weren’t even the emails. I was lost and bewildered. Was she just using me for my svelte good looks and charm? Were all her compliments simply said to string me along? She seemed so sincere. Sure I wasn’t completely invested in the mini-relationship, but I’m the pro at being distant. Yet she was now schooling me on being distant. Then I realized what her reason was for all this. See she’s scared to even see me. My dark lock of hairs, slender yet masculine build, and semi quick wit causes her knees to buckle and heart to flutter that she feels she must play it safe and have nothing to do with me. It’s completely understandable. She’s not the first to be overcome by the Iten, and certainly won’t be the last. So, I resign to the life as a man that no woman can resist. My life as a stud.


faith said...

LOL...very cute! ummm...I mean manly! :0)

Keymaster said...

In the words of Jon Lovitz "Yeah, that's the ticket"