Sunday, September 11, 2005

Jiff's Wedding w/ photos

To begin let us get a few non wedding moments out of the way. This being my first trip to Seattle, I was quite impressed. I could feel my lungs filling with fresh air with each drag of my cigarette. Also, you don't get many views like thise in Los Angeles:

I arrived at the airport early Friday. I had forgotten to set my alarm and I woke up with less than an hour to get to the airport. Thank goodness I flew out of LBC. Also, when the pilot say the current temperature in Seattle is 54, what's the first thing you think of? "Sweaters!" is what first went through my mind. I met up with Sara. She is a firend from the Regent days. She would be my travel buddy for the weekend. She's always good for a laugh.

Our first mission once we checked in was to buy some sweaters. Sara had not planned accordingly either. In the little visitors brochure at the hotel they offered 15% off at this mall. Here's a little advice. When a mall uses 15% offers to entice shoppers, the mall probably blows. This mall was no exception. The first problem was that it was located in Puyallup. The trip was worthless. How does any store in Washington not constantly carry sweaters? It was 54 degrees in September! Aren't sweaters needed year round? The trip did have one highlight. Here is the biggest pumpkin I've ever seen in person. It was HUGE!
I then went to the rehearsal dinner, while Sara did the wise thing and got some sleep. The dinner was nice. I hadn't seen Jeff in quite some time, and got to finally meet his fiance, Kristin.

The next day, Sara and I finally found a decent mall. We then went down to the Pike area in downtown Seattle. We ate at Etta's, walked around a little till we had to get back for the wedding. My whole time wandering around I kept thinking I have to come back and take my time with Seattle.

Finally the wedding:
The groomsmen:

"My Buddy Steven" sings:

Tim and Anna:

Bobby and Dal:

Me and Sara:

(I was caddying before the wedding, so I could buy a wedding gift.)

To explain this cake I will simply say that Jeff is from Texas. There was also a real wedding cake, but this one that warranted a picture:

Considering it was pouring buckets a few hours before the wedding, Jeff and Kristin were certainly blessed to get that window of sun. It was great seeing Lauren again. Jeff's family is always great. Missed Mol Jr. not being able to make it. One of the odd things is that Bobby, Tim, Dal and I were constantly getting recognized for the "Goodness" shorts we did. It was like being a mini-mini-mini celebrity. I hope this will somehow spur us on to make some more.

Overall, the trip was great. It was nice seeing the Jeff's side again. It's most likely the last time I'll see them. Who knows? I never did get to go to Safeco Field, but after hanging out in downtown I knew I'd be coming back to Seattle. So big ups to Jeff and Kristin. He finally found someone who he feels comfortable touching, and big ups to Seattle the land of rain, seafood, and really big pumpkins.!


MOL Junior said...

great! thanks for giving me a taste of what i missed.

MOL Junior said...

great! thanks for giving me a taste of what i missed.

Jiff said...

Hey, I just read this!

I sure wish I'D seen that pumpkin, too.

Glad you came to the Big Show.