Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My Rock N’ Roll Fantasy

I know I’m not the only person who has had dreams of being in a rock band. I will admit that I have perhaps put to much day dreaming into it. In fact, I have two rock n’ roll fantasies. The first is the more realistic fantasy where I am simply the cool quiet bassist who stands at the side of the stage with a cigarette, and a few groupies who know what being a bass player is all about. There would be no big stadium tours, no MTV, and no national radio airplay. We would be happy selling out clubs around the world, and playing for the fans of real rock n’ roll.

Then there is the grand Rock N’ Roll Fantasy. This is also where most of my day dream time goes toward. Yesterday, I was actually trying to determine what size my choir and string section would be. You see this isn’t a dream about me being in front of the mic with a throng of thousands singing my lyrics. This dream is about me creating the greatest rock n’ roll experience of all time. It’s Phil Spector’s wall of sound with a dash Parliament’s bounce, Rolling Stones’ swagger, James Brown’s funk, Plant’s howl, all simmering in black gospel! This is no shoe gazing mope rock or nappy world music jam shit. We are not the next “It” group. This is not the latest VW commercial jingle. This is fucking goose bump inducing rock n’ roll! Twin guitar attack? Duh. Hammond B Organ? Done. Therimin? Of course. Horn section? Done. Strings? Done. Choir? Hell yes! Prudes will lust, and sinners will repent! The blind will see! The cripple will dance! The geek will get the girl! This is ROCK N ROLL!

Of course I can’t write music, or play any instruments, but I can dream.

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