Friday, September 16, 2005

I Still Wear My Blankie on My Head

A little while ago, I had a discussion with my former girlfriend on the subject of Hats. Perhaps you yourself have noticed in the pictures I’ve posted that I’m always wearing a hat. Well, she noticed this as well. Her first inclination was that I was bald and hiding it. She’s half right. I am balding, but if you’ve seen “Goodness” it’s not exactly something I’m trying to hide.

You see I’ve been bald before when I was a kid. Back then I actually was embarrassed by it. I was diagnosed with a Wilms’ tumor when I was around 2. My Mom took me in for an ear ache, and I left with a Wilms’ tumor. In case you don’t know a Wilms’ tumor is a tumor of the kidney. How they got to the kidney from the ear I have no idea. For reasons I’m still trying to figure out, I survived. What followed was years of radiation and chemo. Back in the early 70’s they weren’t so proficient in battling cancer. Apparently nowadays they can just chuck the kidney do a little chemo if needed and you’re on your way. Anyway, the chemo meant I lived much of my early years bald. My embarrassment resulted in me always wearing a hat after chemo treatments. My hat of choice was the one you see to your right. No, the hat wasn’t much of an improvement. I never really had a special blanket or stuffed animal. I also never really sucked my thumb. My security was wrapped up in that hat. The benefit of this is parents struggle to keep their kids from clinging to their blanket, or sucking their thumb. They never think of the hat. So I’ve clung to it. Not that exact hat, but I feel more comfortable in a hat. It still holds that sort of security it did as a child. I basically never got rid of my childhood crutch. That is why when you meet me or see me I will most likely be in a hat. Unless, it’s church or I’m in a wedding or something that requires me to be hat free. Eventually, I think my Mom caught on. Though that wasn't till it was far too late for me to give up my hats.


Tim said...

Brad looked like a total lad at the wedding with his cap.

The Diva said...

You rock the hat so hard that I'd never have known it wasn't just your fashion statement.