Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Bobs Wedding: Highs & Lows

Here’s a breakdown of my trip to Virginia Beach.

As most friends of mine know, I am not a fan of the touching especially strangers. Lucky for me the man sitting next to me didn’t care. Before we even took off, he had his sandals off and invading my space with his dirty, dirty feet. He propped them up on the seat in front of him. He moved them over into my foot space. A few times he even jabbed his foot into my leg. It got to the point where it was Missile Command with feet. Also, I know sandals are big particularly in the summertime. If you want to wear them to the beach, picnic, to run an errand, that’s fine. But if you are in an enclosed space within close proximity of people, put some damn shoes on. I nor anyone else want to see you feet. Another thing with airplanes, just once I’d like to sit next to an attractive girl. Please, just once. LOW

Watched Oldboy on the plane. I was desperate to kill some time, so I bought the UMD for my PSP. Good movie, but very disturbing. It’s a Korean film about a man who has been held captive in a room for 15 years. He gets out, and tries to find those responsible. It does have one of those twist endings that leaves you feeling creepy.

Got to Bob’s late at night. We just hung out and caught up on things. Watched Entourage: HIGH, Watched The Comeback. I had never seen the Comeback, and I now know why. Where the hell are the laughs? It is such a completely unfunny show. It tries to be Curb or the Office, and fails in so many ways. I actually became less funny just watching that crap. Of course that's not saying much. LOW

Thursday:Hung out with Bob and Mike while they did their radio show. It brought back those days of doing my college radio show, except they’re professionals. It also confirmed my decision to get out of radio. HIGH

Had a nice dinner with Stephanie (Bob’s Fiancée) and her family. HIGH

Bob’s sister Erin and her fiancée came by later that night. I hadn’t seen Erin in five years, so it was nice to see her. She’s engaged to a Cub’s fan, and he’s also a good guy. HIGH

Bob, Andrew (Erin’s Fiancée) and I met up later with Mike and some of their friends for a poker marathon. It was one of those play till six in the morning marathons. It should have ended earlier, but Mike and I couldn’t put this kid away. He kept betting on crap hands but then hitting on the flop or the river. It was great playing poker again after so long. But it did have those irritating moments when the morons got lucky. HIGH


This was my day to hang out with Melissa. We had lunch. We went to see Broken Flowers at the Naro. It’s a nice quiet and funny movie. It’s not outstanding but very good. Then we had dinner at Aldo’s. To top off the evening we went down to the beach, where there were a bunch of concerts going on. There was nobody I cared to see, especially when it meant standing next to high school kids spitting dip. Melissa’s neighbor works up in some bar called the Skybar. It’s at the top of the new hotel, and is their attempt to be a Miami bar. Because it’s only open to VIP’s and guests, I had to play the “I’m from California” card and asked to see the pool, which is on the same level. The highlight of the Skybar visit was seeing some European snobby twenty something getting thrown out because he wouldn’t leave with his underage girlfriend. He was acting “rich,” and was basically an asshole. Of course if he really came from money, why was he in Virginia Beach? The rich don’t go to Virginia Beach. During the whole day there was no bickering, complaining, or annoyance on either Melissa’s or my part. HIGH


It started off poorly when I locked myself out of Bob’s apartment for almost two hours. There’s nothing like sitting out in the afternoon heat with nothing to drink, smoke, or even kill time. I tried to find a way to break in, but was certain the neighbors would call the cops. LOW

After Bob finally showed up, I went to the rehearsal dinner. It was great seeing Bob’s Mom, and Dave and Billy. Bob’s Mom is one of those wonderful moms that all your friends love. I finally got a picture of Bob and others. HIGHThen came the “dogs got into the chocolate” episode. Bob’s two dogs, Mookie and Shea, got into two bags of chocolate during the rehearsal dinner. Mookie then projectile vomited all over the place. To make matters even worse he made certain to vomit in the most inaccessible areas. LOW

Bob had to drop off the music to the DJ at Peabody’s. We ended up hanging out there for awhile. There is no reason for a 33 year old, who doesn’t drink, to ever be at the meat market. I felt old when I’d go there five years ago. LOW

The rest of the night was spent at Bob’s. We played a little poker, ate a little pizza, and watched a chocolate tweaking Mookie go nuts. HIGH


The wedding was short sweet and to the point, as all weddings should be.
Stephanie looked beautiful. Bob didn't look too shabby himself.

Mike and Alfredo Torres were the life blood of the party.

Got to see Charlie after five years. He’s living in NY now, and just started working as a graphic designer. I recommend checking out his website. I never knew he was this good. There was dancing, drinking, talking baseball, and hugging it out.
A genius way to spend a Sunday and a weekend. HIGH

Side note: A few months ago, Bob and Stephanie had an impromptu engagement party at a Ryan Adams concert of all places. As an engagement present, Ryan Adams gave them some drumsticks and did the art on this drumhead for them. That is the shit.


The Diva said...

MOL Junior is SOOOOOO jealous of the Ryan Adams art, I just know he is.

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I've been waiting for MOL Jr.'s jealous comment to show up here. Maybe he's too jealous to comment.