Saturday, September 17, 2005


First off let’s touch on a “What the…?” moment. Nintendo finally showed their new controller for their next-gen system. You can read all about the demonstration here. I’m all for advancing design and trying something new, but this seems like it will be trouble in my opinion. Nintendo says it’s supposed to attract new gamers. Yeah, newbies aren’t going to be intimidated by that. Also, since it requires you waving the thing to control it, I could see some possible embarrassing situations um…arising?

Two games displayed at the Tokyo Game Show have gotten me a little giddy. One: Gears of War still looks like it might deliver what it promised. Two: A Ghouls & Ghosts game for the PSP. Ghouls & Ghosts! A Knight running around in tighty whities! Yeah! Hmm...strike that last sentence.

Speaking of video games, last Tuesday was Burnout Day. No it’s not on your calendars and has nothing to do with pot. Two Burnout games were released, one for the consoles, and another for the PSP. The PSP version is simply Burnout 1-3 combined. Burnout Revenge though is a whole new game. I’ve said it before but this is the greatest racing game out there. Even if you hate racing games, I promise you will get a kick out of this. There are two big changes from Burnout 3. First the tracks are not as linear as in the other versions. There are side streets and alleys you can cut through to make up time, along with ramps. Yes, I said ramps. This adds a new takedown (aerial) to the mix. I will say when you finally are able to drop down from above and crush and opponent it’s a wonderful feeling. I can’t recommend this game enough.

Also, Tuesday night was the Rescue Me season finale. Bobby made the comment that the show seems predictable when it comes to the story lines. It does pick up and twist things around after the first few episodes of season one. But, this season finale went where I thought it would, and left me a little disappointed. I think perhaps the bleakness of the show is hurt it in that you know the worse will happen. I still do love the show. Side note: They also played another track from Dulli’s album during the closing minutes of the show.

I know you are all sick of hearing me gush over the Twilight Singers and Afghan Whigs, but I just wanted to give a quick review of Dulli’s Amber Headlights album. So skip to the next paragraph for those uninterested. Hey Bob, thanks for staying around. The fact that this is a “work in progress” shows. It still has a handful of great songs. While the rest are still good, they could use a little more time in the studio. There are two things I noticed about the album. First of all it seems he is musically struggling between his Twilight Singers and his Afghan Whigs. First there are songs like “Pussy Willow” and “Wicked” that run along the lines of the Twilight Singers. Then there’s a song like “Black Swan” that sounds like a combo of Congregation and Black Love era Whigs. Secondly, the Alpha Male character that is prevalent in the Whigs records and this album (“The world is wicked/ I fit right in…” “I smell trouble, girl/that I aim to start…”) doesn’t really exist in Blackberry Belle. Dulli shelved these songs because they didn’t fit his fame of mind now. It makes me wonder if that persona will come back in following records. I do highly recommend the album for those Dulli fans out there. But for the newbies I still suggest Blackberry Belle by the Twilight Singers or 1965 by the Afghan Whigs. Top tracks: “So Tight,” “Cigarettes,” and “Wicked”

I’ve officially become to the end of my rope when it comes to rubbernecks on the road. Everyone bitches and moans about traffic, but they still have to slow down whenever there’s a car on the side of the road. I would almost let them slide when it comes to a big accident, but they’ve had a mile of stopping to see the accident. Move on you sick voyeuristic pricks. If there was a way to give tickets to rubbernecks, I’d be all for it. I can’t tell how frustrated I get after sitting in traffic to realize it’s all because people were slowing down to see a cop give someone a ticket. Also, don’t give me dirty looks when I honk my horn at you. You know you were looking to see something gruesome you sickos. Stop making things worse by trying to get a peek.

If the Cubs played only the Cardinals and the NL West, they would be unbeatable. They can be the only team with a winning record against St. Louis, but they can’t beat the Reds.

I’ve had somewhat high hopes for the new TV season. There are a few shows that I thought might have held some promise. If things go the way of “Threshold” we might be in trouble. That show belongs on the Sci-Fi channel, not national TV. This is what happens when you get an unexpected hit like “Lost.” I’ll be surprised if a single one of these supernatural or sci-fish shows survive the whole season.

I now want to get married. So that when we mention our attempts to bear offspring, I can use the phrase, “We’ve pulled the goalie.” Thank you, Bill Simmons and Bassel.

I watched the first episode of Survivor and was easily bored. The Amazing Race has easily eclipsed this show. There was one nice quote by some girl after her team won the first challenge. “This was the most difficult challenge, yet.” Uh, it’s been the only challenge so far moron, unless you consider making a fool of yourself enough to get on the show. Though, I’m guessing it wasn’t that challenging.

When I was up in Seattle, I bought a sweater at the Gap. Apparently when you spend over $50 you get a free CD of artists performing remakes of their favorite songs. I tried telling the cashier I didn’t want it, but she wouldn’t take “No thank you,” for an answer. So I’m now stuck with the CD. If you want it, let me know. I have no need for an album with that Mraz chump singing “One Love,” or Michelle Branch butchering “Life on Mars.” There was one thing that threw me for a loop when I read the track list.

Joss Stone “God Only Knows” (Beach Boys)
John Legend “Hello It’s Me” (Isley Brothers)
Michelle Williams “Let’s Stay Together” (Al Green)
Jason Mraz “One Love” (Bob Marley)
Keith Urban “Most People I Know Think I’m Crazy” (Billy Thorpe)
Brandon Boyd “Alison” (Elvis Costello)
Michelle Branch “Life On Mars” (David Bowie)

Those all made sense to me in some regard. Mraz needs to slip back into the shadows of coffee shops everywhere. Please! Bowie should have put an end to Branch every thinking to touch "Life on Mars." They are though all great to classic songs. Then there's the following:

Alanis Morissette “Crazy” (Seal)

Ms. Morissette’s choice is a Seal song? No knock against Seal, but Crazy doesn’t really rank up with those others. Ok Alanis, you keep on hoping that acoustic reinterpretation of Jagged Little Pill will revive your career. Meanwhile, I have this fork. Where do you want me to stick it?

I apologize for the last two “me” heavy posts, but I bought a scanner, and have been going a little nuts with it.


faith said...

I really like your personal posts. I always feel more comfortable (while the rest of the world seems uncomfortable) with getting personal or letting others get personal....even though I don't know you, it's still really good!

Games - I'm one of those people who die after the first 5 seconds, no matter how easy the game is, but I like to try anyhow, and I laugh every time I die...and I scream or yell when I'm doing good (haven't died in over 15 seconds)...though I find I annoy people who know how to play.

Bradford said...

Thanks Faith. I just prefer to space out the personal tales a little bit. Back to back seems a bit much. Any guy who would be annoyed that a girl would be willing to play a video game is a moron.

faith said...


I know alot of morons!

MOL Junior said...

that may be so about the cubbies, but why would the lizard bat NEIFI PEREZ leadoff???

Bradford said...

The same reason he still won't let The Big Murt play every day.