Thursday, September 22, 2005

My Own Wierd Fan E-Mail

Cleaning up my inbox, I stumbled across this e-mail. I shared this e-mail with the boys at 3CT when I first got it. Laugh, cringe or do what you will. I do wonder what Caruso would think of such an e-mail. I want to think this is a joke, but I know it's not. The name has been removed to protect him from humiliation.


Thanks for helping create the most compassionate character I've ever seen in television. I got hooked on CSI: Miami late in the first year because week in and week out Caine displayed self-sacrifice and compassion. I tend to think that behind the sunglasses are tears reminiscent of one who held children in his lap and would have gathered Jerusalem to Himself as a hen gathers its chicks. Since that first year, Caine the compassionate Christ-figure has been a staple in our house. You and your colleagues are to be thanked for showing us a little bit of WWJD.

News Director
CDR Radio Network
Cedarville, OH


The Diva said...

Clearly, Caruso's reaction here would be "MY work HERE...*long, reflective pause* DONE!" *runs away like a girl*

bobby said...

Didn't Cain kill Able? And didn't Japeth find a hair on a blunt instrument and a frayed portion of fabric manufactured only in Edom? And was it Ham or Shem who constantly put on his sunglasses when making a sanctimonious point?

Also: If HC is a JC figure, I've been on the wrong team for a long time.