Thursday, November 03, 2005

Look Who's All Growds Up!

Believe it or not, it’s been exactly a year since I’ve started this blog. It’s taken awhile for this thing to get going, but I thank you for sticking with it. Now let’s thank some specific people. First, thanks go to Krystal. If she hadn’t have started her blog, there probably wouldn’t have been a Throwaways. Second, I need to thank MOL Jr. for supporting this blog by being first to put a link for Throwaways on his blog. Which leads me to thanking those regulars of MOL Nation. Keymaster, Faith, Diva, PLW, thanks for hanging out, and supporting the illegitimate son of MOL Nation. Then there’s the 3CT boys, who were the first regulars. Thanks Tim for being the first to ever comment. (Imagine the music kicks in right now as they try to get me off the stage, so I start talking really fast) Thanks Bobby for upping the funny on this with the comments. I don’t think Jiff knows this exists, but I’ll thank him anyway since he got his own post. Second to last there is Bob who I now never have to say anything to because he consistently reads this blog. Finally, thanks Mandy, Ben I, and the rest of the family who have often become unwilling subjects. (I exit stage left with the trophy girl wondering if this blog award gig will actually get her that commercial)

Now I get to mail the rest in by putting links to some of my favorite posts of the last year. Again there is no order to these.

Here’s the first (real) post of Throwaways.

My first baseball and childhood post all wrapped up in one mediocre bundle.

The first (and the best) StikfasBrad post.

The scariest post of the year.

A personal favorite

My absolute favorite post is actually one that I didn’t write. In this one Mandy was able to accomplish what I wanted to in fewer words and with better style.

Thanks again. Here’s what you have to look forward to next year: Tim and Bobby tributes. (Don’t worry guys. They will be separate posts.) The awkwardness of attending a high school reunion. Holiday cheer. Even more baseball posts. Lots of unwarranted opinions. And of course more embarrassing stories. Thanks again.


Tim said...

Does that mean that Bobby and I are getting married this year?

Bradford said...

Yes. I am predicting now that you and Bobby are getting married this year. No word yet if it's actually to each other or not.

faith said...

WOW 2 years old!

Does this mean you will be throwing things and having tantrums? (My nephew is 2 and that is what he does)

Happy blog b-day brad!

bobby said...

I enjoy your blog, Brad. I've said it before: I've learned more about you this way than in a year (?) of rooming together. And thanks for the kudos, but I must as always defer all my comment praise to Bruce Vilanch.