Sunday, November 27, 2005

Breakdown: Thanksgiving Weekend

For the second time this year I was graced with the presence of a family member. This time my other sister Anne Marie and her boyfriend, Laszlo, drove into town from Santa Fe. Here’s a little breakdown of the wonderfully extended weekend.

Wednesday: My sister arrives after a 12 hour drive. God bless them. I simply order some pizza, and we relax. By relax I mean Laszlo and I play video games till midnight. For those who doubt three people could comfortably sleep in my cubicle of an apartment, myself being one of them, I offer this picture.

Thursday: Since Anne is all about tradition, it was pointless for me to persuade her to simply go to a restaurant for Thanksgiving. This meant joining the other last minute shoppers in lines all across the store. It was nice though having a traditional Thanksgiving meal even if we did all eat on the floor. It’s the thought that counts. The rest of the day was spent digesting food, more gaming, and simply vegging out.

Friday: We actually went outside my area code and saw Syriana at The Grove. We met up with Bobby, and ate at the Farmer’s Market after the movie. A little advice, it’s not that great of an idea to go to The Grove the day after Thanksgiving. It was a complete mad house. I was surprised people weren’t crushed by the trolley. The movie itself was quite good. Though I think Bobby summed it up best when he said he felt like he should’ve gotten class credit for watching it. Yes, it’s officially become a tradition that all visiting relatives have to meet Bobby. Another tradition is taking all visitors to the Mecca that is Amoeba Records. I picked up the new Thelonious Monk Quartet with John Coltrane at Carnegie Hall. My sister and her boyfriend also got their first celebrity sightings.

The one they knew:

The two they didn’t:

John Frusciante: Guitarist for Red Hot Chili Peppers

Chris Pontius

Saturday: Let me say this for those who have never been to LA. No matter what anyone says there is really no reason to go to Venice Beach. It’s really a tourist trap. Sure there’s the people watching. You can see the man robot or the guy who walks on glass.

After that it’s just rows of tables and stores selling the same junk over and over. It’s become a regular occurrence to take visitors to Venice Beach. The reason is there is always someone who tells them they need to see Venice Beach. I don’t know who these people are, but please stop. I’m really tired of taking people just to see the guy who walks on broken glass again. The day was topped off wonderfully though with another tradition: Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles.

Doesn’t the red neon add to the ambience?

Sunday: The kids left to Santa Fe. Thus ended one the best Thanksgivings I’ve had in LA, and proving once again Thanksgiving should be spent with friends and family.


bobby said...

I enjoyed meeting them. They seem so earnest and pure, so non-L.A. Refreshing. I like meeting people with no inclination toward the entertainment biz. People who will some day get to say "Today I watched a child's eyes light up when they finally understood algebra" instead of "Today I stood in line behind Corey Feldman at the Jamba Juice." I wish them the best.

MOL Junior said...

venice beach does suck, but roscoe's is also over-rated. there, i said it.