Monday, November 28, 2005

It's About Time!

This has been an awful season for me in the NFL office pool. I haven't come close to being in the running for the weekly cash prize. I'm sure this has been than case with many out there because this has been a crazy season. Finally, I'm in the running this week. How is it that I finally picked correctly this past week? I didn't think about it. Trying to get off work early, and before traffic hit, I just made my picks an left. I never second guessed or even really thought about it. Now it's me and some other guy I've never met vying for the cash. For me to win I need the Colts to win. That seems easy enough. The problem is I need the combined score to be 55 points or higher. I think I'm screwed.

The thing is I'm not a huge NFL guy. I like college football much more than pro. But, since I have money on the games I'm flipping through every game, watching the ticker, and biting my nails during OT's. It makes me wonder sometimes where the NFL would be if the game wasn't so gambling friendly.

Yes, I realize that posting on this topic has drastically reduced my chances of winning. My blog is my own SI or Madden cover jinx.

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