Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hiatus Breakdown

Friday Night:

I kicked off my hiatus with Krystal’s birthday party. I got to hang out with co-workers, former coworkers, and friends, and strangers. Someone sort of offered to set me up on a blind date. I never know how to react to such proposals, so I think my blank stare nixed the idea. The party eventually moved to a bar down the street. One of the pluses of not drinking is all the free Cokes. I also finally got to see Astroglide dance to Hollaback Girl in the middle of the bar. He didn't just show a few moves and stop. He kept on dancing through the whole song. It was genius.


On Keymaster’s suggestion I went to the LA Brewery Artwalk late Saturday afternoon. Not knowing exactly what to expect I gave myself a couple hours to walk around and look at art. Little did I know how huge the event was. This “brewery” is basically an artist commune where the warehouses have been turned into studios and lofts for artists. How is it nobody I know is aware this place exists? I quickly realized that two hours wouldn’t be enough time to see everything. I made sure to first visit Keymaster’s sister and brother in law’s studio first. One of their models ended up being one of my favorites that I’ve seen. I then moved on to see as much as I could. There was every form of art you could imagine. Some of it was pretentious, some boring, and some genius. I’d say I got through about a third of the exhibit. It’s definitely a full day event. I highly suggest going next year. I assume it’s an annual event. It offers art of all types, great people watching, and it’s all free.

I followed up my art experience with my monthly visit to Amoeba and Arclight. I picked up albums from local artists Rex Aquarium and The 88. Since I had to be at a party by 9 this left me with seeing The Weatherman at The Arclight. I once wrote half a script with the intention of making a completely unlikable main character. It didn’t work, and it doesn’t work here. It has its moments, but it didn’t pass my 3 glance watch test.

Speaking of The 88, I bought their first album was excited to see they came out with a new record. They aren't revolutionary but they're fun in a Fountains of Wayne kind of catchy hooks way. Now I'll admit part of my joy was they were a guilty pleasure band that i had all to myself. We've all had these kind of bands haven't we. Well, imagine my dissapointment when I read that they are going to be on the OC.

Now bored into a stupor, I went to a friend’s party thrown to welcome her brother to LA. I knew only two people there, but felt I held my own as the new guy. I need to step outside my comfort zone every now and then. It was one of those great sit around and just talk get togethers.


With Saturday being fairly busy, I decided to simply relax today. What better way to relax than with a double feature? I started off with the great historical drama Goodnight and Good Luck. To end on a bang I saw Kiss, Kiss, Bang Bang. I highly recommend both of them.

The rest of the time I simply relaxed or wrote. I feel slightly revitalized, and am ready to finish the year strong. Thanks for being patient.


Keymaster said...

Yay! I'm so glad you liked (and showcased) their stuff. Sadly, nobody purchased Meg and Murray's art but it's kinda a hard sell...unless you really like the abstract for your home decor. Did you get to meet them? Their super cool.

MOL Junior said...

welcome back.

p.s. i have l.a. envy.

Bradford said...

Keymaster: I did not get to meet them. Not knowing what they looked liked, I was embarassed to stare at every blonde
nearby to determine if they looked like Keymaster. I did though leave my info on the cards they set up.

Mol Jr.: Thanks. It's good to be back.