Friday, November 18, 2005

Hunt for the Elusive White X!

This upcoming Monday through Tuesday I will be going on an adventure of sorts. I have been given a quest that I’m not certain I can complete. Monday at midnight my search will begin. My prey, my trophy, my destiny is the X-box 360. My soul has waged war with itself over should I or shouldn’t I wait till Christmas for the X-box 360. I can tell you now that the dark side has won. I have succumbed to my impatience and that fallen angel Dominic’s beguiling voice. My heart has turned, and nothing can bring me back. I shall retrieve my own X-box 360 from the clutches of those pimply teenage cave trolls, and spoiled princes. From the Spanish style homes of Manhattan Beach to grassless yards of Long Beach I will search wide for my X-box 360! I make this promise to you! If I do not have that X-box 360 by 10am on Nov. 22 then I will…simply have to wait like every other normal person. Perhaps I will do a post on my adventure? That should bore everyone.


faith said...

Everytime I see this advertised on TV I think of you! HA HA...some how I knew you would get it.

Bradford said...

I haven't gotten it yet.

faith said...

LOL...I know, but you will!