Saturday, August 20, 2005

More for Mom

My sister Mandy, the one who recently visited me, sent me this e-mail. With her permission I'm posting it up here. I'm also posting my favorite picture of Mandy, when she was little. Considering she hated having her picture taken, I'm suprised I was even able to get this.

Clips from my Mom Memory Bank:

I remember...
Mom teaching me how to bake at the farm with my little blue apron on.
The way she'd have hot chocolate waiting for me with little
marshmallows in it when I came inside from sledding on the hill.
Catching glimpses of her wrapping present after present the night
before Christmas.
Standing next to her while she made wild rice in that one particular pot.
Stealing bacon in the morning/afternoon, while she laughingly shooed us away.
Getting hit by her hairspray every morning when we shared the bathroom.
Singing oldies in the van during Anne's soccer tournaments.
The constant, light tug at my ponytail while she stood behind me, tightening it.
"Lullaby and goodnight," every night when I was little, and singing
for Anne and me to wake up in the morning.
"PUT YOUR FOOT ON THE BALL!!" The notable and often repeated cheer at
Anne's games.
Her slow, meandering snowplow down the ski slope in her bright red ski jacket.
Taking me out to buy an outfit whenever I lost a little weight.
Building my Halloween costumes every year, no matter how silly or
elaborate they were.
Her always telling me to stop eating the snow.
"Don't sass me." Biggest guilt trip EVER.

These are just some of the preliminary ideas for me, of what I think
of when I think of mom.

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bobby said...

"Her slow, meandering snowplow down the ski slope in her bright red ski jacket." Thanks for sharing these images with us, Mandy. They're both striking and gentle.