Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Picked up The New Pornographers Twin Cinema yesterday. I’m always worried when there are over 10 songs listed on the back. My guess was that those four songs are the ones that Dan Bejar wrote that always seem out of place on these records, particularly Electric Version. Well I was wrong on two accounts. Bejar only wrote three songs, and the whole album is absolutely brilliant. Mass Romantic will always have a special place in my heart, but this album is their best. They’ve taken their power pop and expanded the sound and created wonderfully layered music. John Collins their drummer is even allowed to show off on this record. My current song of choice is “The Bleeding Heart Show.” On first listen I literally got goosebumps when the choir at the end kicks in. I understand if you aren’t into Dulli or The Hold Steady, or a lot of the music I listen too, but there is absolutely no reason you should not pick this album up. It’s like $10 at Best Buy. You’ll feel guilty you only paid that much for it. Also, God bless the Ebow.

I would like to now apologize to John Davis for buying his album on the same day. I will get along to listening to it sometime. I don’t think it’d be right to compare it to this album. Again, I’m sorry.

These days it seems the Cubs can only beat teams with records over .500. That’s always comforting. How do you win two series back to back against St. Louis and Houston but lose to Colorado?

I went to pre-order the Xbox 360. They were sold out. I got the e-mail yesterday morning that EB was beginning per-orders. They sold out in a day? I could order it online but of course EB only has their astronomically priced bundles with games I don’t even want. How are these guys still in business? That’s right they have a monopoly. And they get games a day before the other retail stores. Looks like I’m waiting in line at Best Buy…again. sent me an e-mail inviting me to their new This is fine even though I don’t think I can join. Is it just for African Americans or for those who are attracted to African Americans like me? My problem is the picture. Am I the only one that starts humming the “Soul Glo” jingle when I look at it? It’s Mario Van Peebles circa Exterminator 2. Who’s the gay Asian guy that picked that model?

Now who did I all offend with that last paragraph?

If you type in “Coming to America soul glo” into the Google image search, this is the only picture you get:
Pet Peeve: Adult’s music collections that read like that Top 40 for the past five years. Don’t let radio and MTV decide your music.

I have new neighbor that reminds me of Dave Baldwin. I miss Dave and his cackle.

This weekend proved once again that I will always pick the flu over the cold.

I become easily bored with things, so the fact that this blog has kept going is a miracle.

By Sept. 9th it looks like I’m going to be an uncle for the fifth time, when my step-sister and her husband return with their new adopted son. Whoo Hoo!

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bobby said...

You have to keep this blog going, Brad. It's the only way I ever get to see you. I miss Dave too. And congrats on the fresh unclehood.