Friday, August 26, 2005


I realize this is two “Ramblings” posts in three days, but I didn’t do one last Friday. Besides, I need to mail in a few posts every now and then. No I haven’t always been mailing it in. Ok. About 90% of these are mailed in.

I’ve got a little crush on one of the hostesses at The Pizza Place. It’s a decent Italian restaurant that’s right across the street from my place. Because I’m a lazy bastard, I end up going there about three times a week. We’re now at the point where she’s already got my food bagged up when I come in. How sweet of her, and how pathetic of me. I’m often a sucker for ladies in the food business.

When recruiting, does Coach Krzyzewski just mail out tapes now of the AE ad, or is confident enough in the airtime it’s received? I imagine there’s a need for “earmuffs” every time it airs in an opposing coach’s house.

Kudos to FOX for playing the ass out of Arrested Development before the new season. They’ve been airing eps every night at 12:30. They even did a five ep mini-marathon one night. So, if you need to catch up, now’s the time. It’s great to see FOX trying to build up the fan base, but 12:30 is the best they can do?

For every pair of shoes I buy I have to add $70 to $100 to have a lift added to the sole. So even a $30 pair of sneaks really end up costing me $100. Also, to get these professionally done by an orthopedic company I need a prescription. For shoe lifts! Can you overdose on them? Are people holed up in abandoned buildings jonsing for a shoe lifts? I hate shopping for shoes.

I still haven’t listened to that John Davis CD I bought. Someday Mr. Davis. Someday.

When I was in high school I snapped my fore arm in half wile skateboarding. I snapped in back into place, and vowed to never ride a skateboard again. This dislike led to me creating T-shirt designs of skateboarders dying in miserable ways. I called it the Skate & Die T-shirts. Because I had absolutely no money, I was never able to make my T-shirts. I still have that yearning to make T-shirt designs. Probably won’t be Skate & Die though.
Maybe magical elves living in magical mushrooms.

The two scariest movies I’ve ever seen: Exorcist and Sleepaway Camp. I assume most have seen Exorcist. If you haven’t seen Sleepaway Camp, DON’T! The twist ending still haunts me. Ugh.

Who is going to be the moronic team that gives Nomar a contract? I bet it’ll be the Cubs…again. Could you imagine if the Cubs still had D-Train and Jon Garland along with Prior and Zambrano? Ok we wouldn’t have Lee, but still.

I’ve come to truly love my Zen Micro MP3 player. The pop culture status of the iPod mini did tempt me. I eventually came to my senses and realized the importance of a removable battery and its alien like blue glow. Now when is the Zen Micro Photo going to finally hit the market?

I wonder how much better these posts would be if I didn’t write them at two in the morning, and I was sober?

Have a good weekend.


MOL Junior said...

did the cubbies have willis???

also, i GUESS big ups to fox for the arrested development marathons every weekend, but it's been too much for me to keep up with - even with tivo. so it has only served to make me more sexually frustrated.

Bradford said...

The Cubs did indeed draft Willis in 2000 in the 8th round.

MOL Junior said...

my guess is that they traded him for a backup catcher or somesuch?

Bradford said...

He was part of the trade for Clement and Alfonseca back in 2002.

MOL Junior said...

alfonseca has 6 digits on each hand. off!