Saturday, August 13, 2005

Another Bit

In other news, Dulli's finally releasing Amber Headlights on Sep. 6th. I don't know how available it will be in your neighborhood, so I suggest ordering it on-line. The sucker I am went a head and paid the extra shipping, so I could get it on the day it's released. The songs "So Tight," "Domani," and "Wicked" have all appeared as B-sides on singles from the Blackberry Belle album. I've also seen him play "Cigarettes" live a few times. I'm interested to hear if the album version rocks as hard as the live version. I have a rough version of "Golden Boy" for you fans. Enjoy.

Greg Dulli-Golden Boy-Amber Headlights

Track listing
1. So Tight
2. Cigarettes
3. Domani
4. Early Today (And LaterThat Night)
5. Golden Boy
6. Black Swan
7. Pussywillow
8. Wicked
9. Get the Wheel

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