Wednesday, August 17, 2005

After a Hard Day's Work (Told With Stikfas)

After fighting through traffic, I'm finally home.

I wonder how many credit card companies called today?

Have a snack.

Play Xbox.

I wonder what I got from Netflix? Knock! Knock! Who could that be?

Toy Tron!

Watch Tivo with Toy Tron

Toy Tron plays "hide the leg." I hate this game.

Toy Tron leaves after "borrowing" some money


Have a smoke

Brush Teeth

Go To Bed. I can't sleep.

I need one last swig of...What!?

The bottle's empty.

Toy Tron!


MOL Junior said...

great! hey bradford do you know this guy

he's a buddy of mine who went to regent and lives in la now.

bobby said...

Clever. The two Toy Tron! moments are great. But where's the shot of Stikfa "reading" his Shape magazine?

Bradford said...

MOL jr.: Regent University? Never heard of it. I have no idea where that is, or if it's even a real "University." The gentlemen does not look familiar. Is he a recent grad?

Bobby: That's "In Shape" magazine...pass.