Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Where Does It Lead?

For almost a year I’ve had my hand on the lever to my own trapdoor. I’ve known the decision has been coming on whether or not I should pull the lever. Yet, I still haven’t a clue on what I should do. The problem is I like my life above the door. I’m comfortable. For far too long I’ve lived not knowing where the next paycheck will come. I don’t want to go back to that. I like the security. The problem with life where I am is that there are no stairs leading up. There’s just the trap door below my feet and I have no idea where it leads. I have three months till I officially have to make a decision. I’ve asked those passing by and have gotten numerous responses. It’s not an easy choice, but I think it eventually become easier as the time nears. I really think I have to pull the lever to get where I want.

You know what should've used in place of the trapdoor analogy?
An Ejection Seat!



bobby said...

Ejection seat: better.

What are your options post-launch? Seems like that would make the difference.

Bradford said...

That's what I need to figure out. I need to determine what my options are. If there are any?

MOL Junior said...

what is up bradford!!!

The Marlins have tentatively agreed on a deal to send Juan Pierre to the Cubs for pitchers Sergio Mitre, Ricky Nolasco and Renyel Pinto, according to ESPN.com's Jayson Stark.

Bradford said...

If Pierre can play like he did before this year I'll be happy with the deal. We still need a RF and SS.

MOL Junior said...

move patterson to right.


don't forget about neifi!!!

Bradford said...

Patterson's gone. The Cubs are giving up on him since he refuses to play winter ball.