Friday, December 02, 2005

O' Christmas Twig! O' Christmas Twig!

While trying to come up with Christmas songs, and after reading Keymaster's post, I thought it was time to put up my "tree." My Mom sent me the little thing a few years ago. It was my first Christmas alone. I was stuck in LA because my shitty job at the time only had Christmas Day as my day off. Easily the worst Christmas ever. Anyway my Mom sent me my gifts and among the gifts was this little tree with ornaments. It was awfully sweet of her, and it become my LA Christmas tree. Fast forward to last night and I can't find it anywhere. I spent a good hour tossing my apartment and cursing myself while I looked for this little tree. Could I have possibly been dumb enough to leave it in North Hollywood? Did I throw it away? Eventually, I had my Eureka moments, and found it on the top shelf in the kitchen. By 1am, I finally had it setup to where it wouldn't tip over. Man, I love the Holidays.

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faith said...

I'm getting my first tree this year. But it's about 5 feet...a little bigger than yours. then I'm going to put up lights around the living room.

I haven't had a tree since I was parents thought it was too pagan. *rolls eyes*