Friday, December 16, 2005

Goodbye Work...

...Hello Christmas Break! Benefit number 132 of working in the biz is the two week Christmas break. It's like I'm still in school. Having worked at a bank and retail, I truly treasure this lengthy break. It means I have time to visit family and friends and not feel I have to compress it into a long weekend. Which is really good considering how far I live from everyone. Have a merry Christmas. I'll still be posting while I'm back in Columbus, so I hope you have time to visit after being stuffed with turkey and boozed up on eggnog. In fact being in that state probably makes this blog more entertaining.

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faith said...


It's one of the benifits of being back in school....but I also work P/T in retail *blah* so tecnically I only have 3 days off...but still only work 20hrs/week, so really I can't complain.

Is there snow at Columbus? (sorry I don't know what states get snow and which do There usually is snow here, but we had a warm front come through and now it's all snow for Christmas. What is the point in living in Canada if there is no snow at Christmas!

I'll try to post when I'm drunk just for you...though it may not make any sence.