Monday, December 05, 2005

Ramblings (Sports Edition)

I had an expletive filled morning this Sunday. Why? The first thing I did this morning was get online to see if Furcal had decided if he was going to play for the Braves, Dodgers, or Cubs. I honestly thought he was coming to the Cubs. They offered 5 years for 50 million. The Braves couldn’t and wouldn’t cough up that much particularly for that many years. I didn’t think any player would go to a team that just signed a GM less than a month ago and still didn’t have a manager. I was wrong. Furcal chose the $13 million a year contract over the only team he’s ever known (Braves) and a team that offered him more years and supposedly has two of his friends on the team (Cubs). How the hell do the Cubs lose out to the Dodgers? The damn Dodgers! Furcal was the one player the Cubs could not afford to lose. He was exactly what they needed. How can they overpay for middle relief but not the best lead off hitter on the free agent market. Also, I thought Dusty Baker was supposed to be a draw for free agents. Not a single top line free agent has joined the Cubs. Dusty it’s time. I’m completely frustrated by this. It’s like losing the cute girl to the guy still living with his parents

Here are a few things and people that need to be done with. They’ve run their course, and it is time to say farewell. Save what’s left of your dignity. Don’t make us kick you out the door.

Dusty Baker (see above)

Chris Berman: For the last 10 years Berman has been a shell of what he was. Now he’s more important than the sports he covers. At least in his mind he is. His nicknames used to be cute. His “Back, back, back” homerun call was never good. This made all the more evident during the Home Run Derby. Is there any reason to do a HR call at the Derby? I mean other than to hear yourself talk. (Scott Van Pelt though has grown on me. He’s my current favorite anchor. Yes, part of that is because he’s bald.)

ESPN also needs to put to rest that “I love…” song about football. When Coors stops using it in their commercials that should be a sign. I like football but I hate the marketing of it.

The Campbell's Chunky Soup commercials with McNab's Mom have to go.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Notre Dame/Ohio State Fiesta Bowl draws a bigger TV audience than Texas/USC national championship game. All the BCS bowls do seem to have some great games this season.

Isn’t it time to give quarterback, Brad Johnson, some credit? He’s not flashy or have that strong of an arm, but he wins. If I had a choice between Vick or Johnson, I’d pick Vick to sell tickets, and Johnson to win games.

With the fire sale going on with the Florida Marlins it must suck to be Marlin fan. That is if there are any. Shouldn’t there really be regulations against such things. I can understand a small market team trading their top star before his contract is up because they can’t afford to sign him. But, to get rid of nearly everyone is ridiculous and not fan friendly. Can they ever expect to win fans back? Of course it seems that’s their idea. The only baseball that should in Florida is spring training anyway.


MOL Junior said...

first giles now furcal. i lit a candle 4 u on sat.

MOL Junior said...

2 more things for you:

1. how about stuart scott? doesn't stuart scott need to go? ESPECIALLY his hip-hop breakdown of week 12 nfl action....did you see that? unbelievably and download it if you don't know what i'm talking about. unbelievable.

2. if i were a marlins fan i'd be fine with what they're doing. why? b/c in the last 8 years they have won a championship, rebuilt, and won another championship. so you could argue that they and the yankees are the top 2 most succesful teams over that span. if i were a marlins fan i would be happy to think that i'd have another one in 5 or 6 years.

Bradford said...

Are you talking about his poetry slam thing he did? I was tempted to add it to my Tivo it was so wonderfully awful The thing with Stuart Scott is he's so awful I find it almost humorous. It's like watching a white kid trying to be gangsta. But, he should probably go. The so good it's bad wears off quickly

As for the Marlins I think the WS credit (particularly in 2003) goes to those who work under the owners. The owners reasons for both the 1997 and the current fire sale isn't to rebuild. Currently, they want to move the team because they couldn't get a stadium. I think those who work in the organization have done an excellent job in acquiring the right young players. They've worked with what the owners have given them. Also trading a 25 yr old starting pitcher like Beckett isn't my idea of rebuilding.