Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Birthday Anne Marie!

So, I’m sitting at my computer on Christmas Eve dwelling upon the fact that my little sister is out on the town celebrating her 21st birthday. They grow up so fast. It seemed not that long ago when I introduced you to punk rock. You and I would jump up and down on the bed while my stereo blasted. You were to young to understand, but I was trying to get you away from the Al Jarreau. I was trying to educate you. But I didn’t need to worry you were already too smart. You would never fall for my bribes when I babysat you. You still ended up loving musicals. I’m certain though my small time playing the bass lead you to dabble in it as well. You also became quite a romantic both in language and life. Some how my negativity never rubbed off as you always seem to have that optimistic bounce in your step. So, happy birthday little sister. You're still the greatest Christmas present Santa's ever brought.

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