Saturday, December 17, 2005


In honor of unexpectedly receiving Friday off I did my own double feature. I began with King Kong and followed it up with Narnia. Kong was definitely the better of the two. Mine main quibble with Kong was I still think Jack Black was miscast. He wasn’t awful but there were certain dramatic moments I was wincing at. Still it’s one helluva a ride, and I did get weepy over the big ape. Narnia is actually better than I expected. Is it perfect? No it certainly has its short comings both in story and technology. I did get the underlying feeling of this being an attempt for another Lord of the Rings. Beyond that this movie has very old fashioned feel to it. There’s an innocence and awe in the film that is rarely witnessed in current children’s fare. The director wisely sticks through the children during the whole movie. The kids who play Lucy and Edmund do a fabulous job.

This may be nitpicking but I’ve become frustrated by the guitar solos being inserted during the worship portion of church services. I want to sing and your poorly executed guitar solo is keeping me from singing. I miss hymns.

Thanks to the writer’s and EP I have the dough to begin my next effort to buy an Xbox 360. Best Buy it seems has been hoarding the ones that have been shipped after the launch date to do a sort of second launch date this Sunday. Lucky for me the Best Buy near me will supposedly have around 80 available. So, it looks like I’ll be up early Sunday morning and standing in line again. Thank goodness I live in LA. Those people that waited in line in freezing temperatures are crazy. I’m only slightly crazy.

Surprisingly, I have over half my Christmas shopping done. I have nine down and five to go. I thought I only had four till I received news that my sister and her husband just returned from Moscow with their third kid in tow. Soon they will have adopted every kid in Eastern Europe’s orphanages. They are already working on adopting another little girl. The new one’s named Andrei. I haven’t even met their second kid Alex yet. I love big families but keeping everything straight in my old age is becoming a pain. Crap. I forgot we celebrate like four birthdays during December too including mine. So that’s four plus three leaving seven more gifts to by. I thought I was so close. But, I got nine down and for me that’s a little Christmas miracle itself.

I know this edges me toward the geeky gay category. I can’t tell you how excited I was that there were official Katamari Damacy T-shirts available. I picked up the ostrich one. I’m not comfortable enough in what’s left of my masculinity to pick up one of the “Feeling” t-shirts.

I don’t know what makes me happier. The Yankees making absolutely now off-season moves or the Cardinals paying out 13.5 mil for Brandon Looper. I like seeing someone other than the Cubs in desperation signing mode. Of course the Cubs still need a RF.


bobby said...

I've decided not to see Narnia. King Kong completely erased any hope that I can be entertained by CGI. Jurassic Park was the last one to do it. The last 20 minutes of KK is awesome, but the rest (though cool) was still deeply fake. Like watching somebody play War of the Monsters. Don't ever try to convince me again, Hollywood, that CGI=lifelike. Cause it ain't.

I'm with you on the hymns.

Keymaster said...

I'm totally with you on the Hymn thing. Please stop making the self-gratifying, all about me “Here I am to Worship” crap and bring back the Hymns. And while I'm on my box, how about reading from the hymnals for a change. I actually LIKE to read music and sometimes I want to look at the notes and harmonize – is that such a bad thing?

Bradford said...

Amen. I realize it's economically cheaper to have a screen, but I miss the hymnals too. I miss the Sundays where my church would simply have a night of worship and the congregation would suggest their favorite hymns.

bobby said...

I always wanted someone to have the balls to suggest "God Of Earth And Outer Space" toward the end of the hymnal, written in 1970-ish. Nobody ever did. And I feel like we lost some souls for it.