Thursday, December 29, 2005

Christmas Break Recap (Pt. 1)

December 19th
Got Flu.

December 20th
Got over Flu

December 21st:
Once healthy my sisters and I went shopping and wrapping, and wrapping and shopping.
The family and I went with the family to see The Family Stone. That whole event is another blog post.

December 22nd:
Ben K. and Julie left for Ireland on the 22nd.

December 23rd:
More Shopping. My dogs are barking. My back is in knots.

Christmas Eve:

We went over to my brother, Ben I. and his wife’s place for Christmas Eve dinner.

We hung out with nieces Evie and Moira. Evie was a little under the weather and had the nose snot thing going. She did though do her best to entertain. As did Moira who is the smartest 7 year old I know. I offer this conversation as an example.

Mandy: Look Evie’s a bear. Bear’s are carnivores just like us.

Moira: We’re not carnivores. We’re omnivores. We eat both plants and animals.

Moira is seven.

My stepfather showed Moira and Evie all about taking video and photos.

Anne had a little birthday cake.

Returning home we went to bed while Anne went out with friends for her 21st birthday. She came back sick and hung over. She didn’t listen to my one advice. Never do Tequila shots. It will mess you up. She did seven that night.

Christmas Day:

Since the rest of the family wasn’t coming till later in the evening, my sisters and I exchanged our presents.

My stepfather opened up am envelope left by Ben K. and his wife, Julie, before they went to Ireland. The only thing inside was an ultrasound picture of my new nephew/niece. Julie is due in August I believe. That makes six.

They then went to my stepfamily’s Christmas get together. I stayed home and watched football on my stepbrother’s new HDTV. I clearly had the better afternoon.

There was peace in the house.

Then the rest of the immediate family arrived or returned, and we had our Christmas Chaos. It was quite entertaining watching the two new nephews from Russia experience Christmas for the first time. The most recent one, Andrei, literally got out of the orphanage a week ago, and now he’s playing with dinosaurs and trucks.

Evie was nearly buried in wrapping.

Boxing Day:

We go back over to Ben I, and Jamie’s for lunch and more quality niece time. I would like to point out that the cute outfit Evie is wearing was purchased by me, the greatest uncle ever.
The evening was spent organizing things for Inga and my brother in law, Dan, birthdays. Once again we had last minute gift buying. It really never ends.

After the birthdays, my sisters and I go see King Kong. Their first time, my second. It doesn’t hold that well on a second viewing. At least for me it doesn’t. I couldn’t tolerate Jack Black as much this time. I’ve come to the opinion that you can’t write fake B-movie dialogue. It’s not funny. It’s the same thing as trying to make a movie so bad it’s good. It’s simply something that happens. You can’t force it or fabricate it.

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Keymaster said...

You got well in TWO DAYS - lucky. Anyway, it seems like there is a lot of love in your family. That's so nice to see, especially with the steps involved. Glad you had a great Christmas and here's to an even better New Year!