Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Scary Moment #3

My “Cujo” Story

This story took place during my years in undergrad. It was summer, and I was watching my sisters, taking them to all their events, and trying to keep them out of trouble. I admit I coasted and slept a lot, but I’d like to think it helped solidify my status as the favorite brother.

I woke up one morning to get the sisters together and get our day started. I stumbled in my just woke up grogginess down to the kitchen. Halfway down the steps I heard my sister Anne Marie, who was 12 or 13 I think, screaming from the back patio. I rushed down to see her standing at the back door in her underwear and covered in blood.

Our Aunt and Uncle lived next door to us at the time. They didn’t really take good care of their place. Along with the house, their dog was ignored as well. They were out of town, and it was Anne’s responsibility to feed their dog. That morning as she was dumping the food into the dog’s bowl, the dog attacked her from behind. It bit into her arms and legs. She was only able to get away when the dog latched it’s jaws into her shorts, and she slithered out of them.

So there was my bloody sister standing on the patio in tears and blood. I told her to come in, but she said she didn’t want to drip blood on the carpet. That’s my Anne Marie! Now I’m pretty scared at this point. Things only became more nerve wracking when the youngest Mandy came down and saw Anne Marie. For once in my life I gave orders and everyone responded. I sent Mandy to get Anne Marie some pants. Sam my step-brother was sent to get any bandages he could find. My step-father was a doctor. With all the stuff we had in the house, we could’ve performed open heart surgery. I decided we should take her to my step-father’s office. Both he and Mom were there and would know what to do. While everyone else was doing there thing, I called my Mom and told her we were coming and what happened. Now I didn’t want to get her panicked, so I played it down a little. Everyone did their jobs, and I ushered everyone into my car. I felt a bit of a thrill as I sped downtown. It was very movie like. I pulled the car into the office parking lot and helped Anne to the front door. When Mom greeted us there I could see the change from her “What did you guys get into?” face, to her “Oh shit,” face. Perhaps I played down the severity a little too much.

Once it was determined that Anne was fine. Sam and I went back to the house to take care of the dog. We both had that “You just hurt my sister” hatred coursing through our veins. I called the pound to come pick up the dog. Sam and I then went to find the dog. Luckily the dog didn’t leave the house. He was in a corner of the fence still chewing on my sister’s shorts. I picked up a stick to beat off the dog if he attacked. The dog then looked at us with those “crazy” eyes, and grabbed a bigger stick. Now I love animals, but part of me wanted to just beat the shit of that dog. Then I pictured me missing and the dog taking a bite out me. I took the safe route and waited for the dog catcher. Eventually, everything was sorted out. The dog was taken away, and had to be put to sleep. Anne healed nicely, though she still has some scars. Plastic surgery became an option, but I think she was a little proud of her scars. Lastly, I solidified myself as the greatest brother. A title I have yet to relinquish.


Keymaster said...

Damn. I love animals too but that dog had the devil in him. Glad you were there to save the day!

Anonymous said...

Hey Brad, this is your brother, Ben I. In some small defense of our Uncle, I must say that he was riddled with cancer at that point and was in treatment in Cleveland with his family. Thus the nasty yard and neglected dog. However the dog WAS evil from the get go, and we should have all poisoned it as soon as they left for Cleveland.

Bradford said...

First of all welcome Ben I! Secondly, you're right. I should've given the reason for the neglect. Reading it again it does come off harsh toward them.

bobby said...

Must have been terrifying. But I couldn't shake the funniness of this image: Brad yelling "You! Pants! Stat!"