Monday, October 17, 2005


So, I went to the Queen Mary’s Shipwreck Halloween Terrorfest. Including the ticket and parking it cost a whopping $40 bucks. Now I thought that the high price would eliminate some of the riff raff. I was wrong. This meant I had to be searched before entering. There’s nothing like being felt up in public. What’s even better is when I had to go back through the line because cameras weren’t allowed. Now they apparently had a shortage of the metal detector wands. I was lucky enough to get a guy with a wand the first time. Second time, I wasn’t so lucky. I didn’t realize my predicament till I was stuck in the middle of the line. Certain there was some protocol in which I couldn’t request a wand, I just took my groping and moved on.

Inside, there were seven mazes to walk through. We just went through the two mazes that were actually on the Queen Mary. That was plenty. I give them credit for grandness and effort, but they were still just standard haunted houses. This being the Queen Mary I expected them to do something a little original particularly for the mazes on the Queen Mary itself. Just once I’d like to see someone go the creepy route rather than the jump behind a corner route. They have a supposedly authentic haunted ship. Why not play off that with a little movie magic, and really creep people out rather than just “Boo!”

I also don’t know the proper reaction I’m supposed to have. My night vision is crap, so I couldn’t really see anything. But is it rude to not act scared? They are technically paid performers. It’s not their fault if I can’t see them enough to be scared. I feel like it’s not applauding after play. Also, I think I suck at pretending to be scared.

To all those people that have been congratulating me on the White Sox making the World Series: Don’t. Cub fans do not root for the White Sox, and vice versa. If I’m to root for the White Sox, I might as well root for the Cardinals. And that’s never happening. I am impressed with the way the White Sox have been playing. How can you not be when their starting pitchers throw four straight complete games? My question is how does their curse of the Black Sox scandal become easier to overcome than the Cub’s stupid Billy goat curse. The old White Sox threw the World Series. How is not allowing a Billy goat into the park worse than that? Not that curses exist.

I really dislike the word “moist.”

A couple people have asked how well my fantasy baseball team did. I never wrote much about them because there was nothing to write. They did as well as the Cubs did. My worst pick ended up being Cristian Guzman for the Nationals. He was even worse than Kerry wood. My best pick ended up being Traveras of the Astros. I picked him up on the waiver wire right after the draft. The best move I ever made. Actually it was the only good move I ever made.

It is absolutely pouring rain outside right now with actual thunder and lightning. This rarely ever happens in Los Angeles. It’s something I actually miss from living in Ohio. The problem with LA rains other than the usual lack of lightning and thunder, and that it lasts for days on end, is the snails. It’s like tiptoeing through a minefield after it rains. No matter how hard you try though you always end up hearing that crunch.

Is anyone else watching Invasion and enjoying it? It’s not as “cool” or slick as Lost, but I like it. For once the writers seem to actually know ahead of time what they are doing. It gets my best new drama of the season award. My best new comedy obviously goes to Extras. I do love my awkward comedy.


bobby said...

Last night's Extras was to me the best so far. It felt tighter and the awkward moments came faster and were more uncomfortable than previous weeks. Here's my problem. They've scheduled it right after Curb. I see the logic: both are comedies about guys who put themselves in awkward social situations. But the tones are so different. Curb is bright and has lots of energy, editing wise and Larry wise. So much so that when Extras comes on it feels like things come to a screeching halt. It's darkly lit, the delivery is low key, and the bumpers between the action are quiet. I'm sure I'm alone here, but it makes me not like it for the first ten minutes.

MOL Junior said...

invasion - i bowed out after seeing the previews b/c i'm sick of alien-based shows/movies. it might be cool stylistically but how much depth can a show about aliens have? am i wrong here?

extras - 3 episodes in (i haven't watched last night's yet) and i have not bought in. i watched the old office dvd this past weekend and it just seems so sparse compared to the office. the space between the laughs is pretty big, and i swear i have to turn the volume up to 11 to hear what the fuck they're saying. TOO british. i will watch #4 tonight and see if i start to turn.

baseball - no one could've predicted christian guzman's demise this season...and tavarez is a gem if there's a priorty on steals in your league. in mine, the priority's on obp and slugging, so he's actually not much help. BUT what about that genius catch he made in the 8th last night at the wall???? WHAT IS UP ASTROS!!!!!!

Bradford said...

I agree Bobby that last nights Extras was the best so far. For me personally, I think Curb helps Extras. I become so annoyed with the way Curb ends that I'm glad to see Extras. The first half of Curb I always enjoy but am then frustrated with how it ends.

MOL Jr. Invasion may not have the depth, but it's a smart show. Every episode so far has smartly moved the plot along, whereas Lost has a throwaway episode every now and then. Lost is still the better show, but Invasion is a solid popcorn show. On baseball: That was a great catch. Every one of Gardner's moves has paid off. The double play to end the game being another example. Biggio wouldn't have been able to turn that these days.

bobby said...

Last night's Curb ending was a low point for the series. It was like a ninth season Seinfeld ending. Un. Satis. Fying.